Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yup I told you I would

So I made my bloomers today....

They were quick and easy.....

And so so comfortable...

They are as good as....

A fresh smoothie made with berries, bananas, greek yogurt and wheat germ.....Yum

As for my knickers in the trees......Well I warned you!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Quickie Curtains

I love having a window to the backyard above our kitchen sink to gaze out of while doing dishes. I have spent a lot of time watching play and work happen out this window. Both from our fine feathered, canine and of our little rabbit family that tries to sneak into the garden under the fence and from the kids play, work and build. What I don't love is the heat and intensity of the afternoon sun that blinds one while washing. (on a side note: when the kids do the dishes they may be doing it blind when you see the sometimes unsightly results of their labor). For a while I had a pretty apron hanging there but I was afraid that it would become faded. So I made these.

They were really easy::: Simply four place mats that matched my other kitchen curtain...
I sewed three pieces of ribbon to the top and bottom of the top ones and three pieces to the top of the lower ones.
Then tied them to the rod...So easy. They can be untied for cleaning.

Now I thought myself pretty darn clever that is until I told my neighbor all about my ingenuity to which she replied..."Oh that is so cute I just saw that in a magazine" Ahem, what is that saying a little late and a dime short or something.

Have a great week~

Friday, July 25, 2008

Country Dreaming

The boys and I ventured into town yesterday, I say ventured because we actually live –in a town, a really small one grocery, one hardware store town- the bigger town is 25 minutes away-ergo it is a venture or adventure when you go with three chatty, curious boys….did I say chatty because I really mean non-stop chatty!

Anyhoo- we went and picked up a few groceries and I meandered over to the magazine section. I have a problem. I am an addict. It goes way back to when I was in my teens and discovered Seventeen and Young Miss. Then to feed my obsession with New York I subscribed to the New Yorker. Which was a little beyond my years but I loved it anyway, even if I did not understand all the political underlying. Okay back to present, I have tried to cut down my purchasing of magazines that is until yesterday and somehow rationalized a small splurge. I had taken three wily boys into the big town you know. So, I picked up a Sew Simple and then… oh yes then my eye caught this little gem.

Okay truth be told if I ever actually did one of the tags that I was tagged for of 7 weird things (sorry ladies who tagged me I just am really bad at pressure blogging) one of those things would be this…. I always wanted to grow up and marry a farmer. I did not. I still wish he was. He is not and will not ever be…. I love him anyway.

It is my hearts desire to live in the country on a plot of land and raise the roof… raise a few chickens and grow lots and lots of yummy foods.

Seriously this is a picture of a chicken coop- Now I just might want to be a one of Mary Jane's chickens when I grow up so I can roost here. This coop is cuter then any room in my entire house....How fair is that?

I had heard of her books before and even have her Stitching Room book on my Amazon wish list. Oh but this is a great issue, lovely it even includes a pattern for bloomers. If any of you who read here now, read here then you would know that I had a desire to make these some time ago and still have the fabric waiting. I think the time has come don’t you!!!

Now if I actually had that plot of land you better believe I

would be hanging all my pretty undergarments out in the trees.

The patterns are in the mag bloomers and camisoles too- some are made from vintage pillow cases!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garage Sale Weekend-And a new blog

Today is garage sale day, what a lot of work on top of all the other work in a day. Oh well I do love having them for nothing else then chatting with others. There always seems to be a couple of good laughs involved as well. I wish that you all (you know who you are) could come. I know that you would find something you would like. I wonder if a person could have a virtual garage sale? Oh yeah...ebay...duh!!

Now the picture, that lovely photographer is my uber talented and incredibly wise niece, she has also acted as my editor for school papers and such. (I just like to say I have an editor) When I first started college she kindly pointed out that you only use one space between sentences and that the word -that- should not be in every sentence I type. She took these incredible pictures. She has started a blog chronicling her photography endeavors-pop in and say hi..

Have a happy weekend!!!~N
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That nagging little voice in my head.....

I have been busy with my sociology class this last week. As one class comes to an end another one begins. What this meant for me is that I had a mountain of homework over the weekend. One of the things I had to do was to write a final for my sociology class on immigration. Okay I know a little about that and did a bit of research...great. So I sit down Saturday morning to write....and nothing....and then nothing more... I was stuck. I wrote a few sentences that were horrible and took a break. I have a couple of books that contain short stories so I thought that maybe doing some reading would help. I read a little, researched a little. Yup- this will work I poured another cup of coffee, faced my laptop, pulled up my APA formatted paper and......umm nothing.... OMG. I. can. not. express how frustrated I became. The clock ticked away mocking my inability to complete a full proper sentence, to express a single thought.

I have never fancied myself to have excellent writing skills- adequate yes. I have been at the college thing for three years now you would think I would have picked up something-yes? No! apparently it was all for not, because I could not put more then three sentences together for two whole days. I think I broke the spell... at least a little... yesterday I was able to pull out several paragraphs- not cohesive but paragraphs all the same. Ahem, this experience has rocked my self-esteem and left me feeling scared and anxious. That nagging little voice of self-doubt seems to have had a its fill and is now spewing all its negativity into my consciousness.

So there you have it....that is where I am at this week- I hope that those who visit here are having a better experiences.!!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shabby Chic:::No More

So after days of scraping, sanding and sweating, gone is the shabby chic exterior...

...welcome clean, crisp and gray/ blue. I adore this color, it is crisper in person but the sun was not in my favor when I took the picture. The white looks really white and beautiful against the blue. It reminds me of a house that should be ocean side instead of landlocked. I asked my neighbors if they minded if I flooded the middle of our block for a lake but they were apposed... The nerve- some people have no sense of adventure. Ah well. We are hoping to get the shutters back up tonight but we are having company so we will see. I made this bread to go with spaghetti carbonara and a dark chocolate cake.

Oh yeah- I did do this lovely piece of patchwork over the weekend..see how neat the sashing is... and if you look really close you can see some little pleating I did!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

I did not put out any decorations this year for the Fourth, but I thought this guy, created by Ash, was jolly enough to wish everyone a happy 4th of July! May your sparklers sparkle brighter and your festivities go off with a bang.

The long weekend brings:

:::House painting
:::Homework finishing (or blog surfing to avoid homework blech)
:::Some small celebrating just the two of us
:::Purging or erm Cleaning the boy's rooms while they are away (do we really need 15 rocks and various sticks under our bed?)
:::Curtains made? if time allows, for their rooms
:::Saturday the twins return
:::Sunday to my mothers to retrieve Lilliana

Have a safe and happy weekend!!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What is all that quiet about?

No really- it is really quiet around here. My house that is!! Why you are wondering? Last Thursday I sent my babies- okay I know they are 8 yrs old- with our neighbors. They are an older couple who over the years have taken a likin' to our kids. I guess it started when Nolan and age 2 went over to their house, knocked on the door and asked " can Mark come out and play?." Keep in mind that Mark in well into his 50's. They are kindred for sure.

So fast forward- they are up at Lake of the Woods in a cabin that, and I quote "is HUGE" fishing and swimming and making new friends without me. Sigh, I can tell you that as crazy noisy this house gets, letting them go was not easy. A little hard on a mama's heart!!

That left Troy and I and Lilli and Everett- we all headed down to the reunion- where we had a great time. I am still heavy with nostalgic after effects. Lilli then decided to go and stay with my niece, who is 22 and way too much fun. So that left the three of us to come home to a really quiet house. Then on Tuesday my other niece came and took Ev away to her house.

That leaves two-Troy and I- I don't suppose anyone would come and get him for the week so I could really..... NAaaaaw I am just kiddin.....(Anyone) hehe

In the interim I have been a busy little girl cleaning away. Troy is planning on painting the house and I cannot for the life of me figure my way out of that. Especially without any children here, but I am working on it.


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