Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Handmade bridal gifts and a cushion for a pin

I needed a few gifts for my niece's bridal shower.
It all started with the above basket from a maya made pattern
which was - by the way - a snap to do

I started with a kitchen theme and made a few magnets and a pot holder.

The purple inside the basket are a few grocery totes.
and an emergency sewing kit with mini scissors, needles,
thread and buttons. Of course her name
is spelled with pins.

Finally for the bride some supplies for relaxation:
a sleep mask
flax seed hot/cold pack
and lavender bath tea
all in the bag below.

The bag was a rayon tank top in its former life
it begged to become a bag.

Finally for me, the first of the projects from these scraps
in a thrifted vase.

In other news I am finally a senior in college. For as long as this process has taken me I could have a doctorate but am so happy to be at this point.  Fall classes have begun and one week from today I will be back at work as an elementary school  para. The busy season is upon me and I cannot wait to be back with the students. When I first started college I wrote so many papers I could have written a book, I still write at least one or two a week but for the next five months I will be focused on writing lesson plans. Much more fun then papers but way more work. Speaking of.... I better stop procrastinating and get back to work.


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