Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh did we get some snow. For two days it snowed and snowed. A week after 40 degree temps. I thought I was ready for spring, then it snows and reminds me that I don't mind the winter white. Then this morning on my way to school...oh it was georgous out. White everywhere. Trees weighted down by thick fluffy winter candy. A fog was just lifting above the ground. The sky was pale shades of blues and pinks, like driving in Narnia. Yes, I can live with a little more winter white.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

M is for.....

I made this for my great  niece who love to cook, to read and all things frilly. I did not have a pattern and the fabric was mostly pieces from the stash. I was really happy how it turned out. Isn't it great when things actually become the same or better than when they were in your head! That is how this turned out. I had been thinking about a ruffly apron for a while and then it translated exactly how I wanted and she was thrilled. Yippee!

I am mid-way into my second week of student teaching. For the last five years I have worked as a para in our local school district and loved it. It is a public school. My student teaching is at a Montessori school. Thanks to blogging I know a little about Montessori and Waldorf methodologies. However, in no way did they prepare me for the difference in teaching style compared to public ed. I feel a little like a fish out of water. But as any fish worth their scales knows, you have to jump back in if want to survive. And that is what I am trying to do. I find the learning in this environment so exciting and so student orientated. I hope to share some of what I am experience here from time to time as I learn right along with the students!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Eat more cookies

I started student teaching last week. As any student teacher knows it is most important to not miss a day. On my day 7 my van wouldn't start. My husband is 40 minutes away and I am stuck at home. Alone. I called in. Did I mention alone. Oh so rare for me.

I wrote a paper. Worked on a science unit. Baked cookies.
Cookies went like this....

Mix up cookies
scoop on trays
 place in oven
set timer for 9 minutes
strip bed linen 
 remove pillow cases from 8 pillows
gather 1 blanket, 2quilts and 2 down comforters
take ginormous pile down stairs
place sheets and cases in one washer
place quilt in other
fold load in dryer
go back upstairs
warm up coffee
scoop next batch of cookies
take cookies out of oven
put next batch in
9 minutes
start putting dishes away
realize the disaster the silver drawer is
re-organize and sort spoons and forks by size
why do I only have 5 butter knives?
investigate later

open cupboard to put measuring cups away
retrieve honey bear from his nose dive into the batter
wash honey bear
vacuum living room
scoop out next batch of cookies
take cookies out of the oven
let cool
put next batch in
9 minutes
wash a few more dishes
trip on cat
wipe down counter
put cookies on cooling rack
warm up coffee
eat cookie
eat another
scoop out next batch
catch up on e-mail
go down stairs
put quilt in one dryer and comforter in other
put other comforter and quilt in washers
take cookies out of oven
put in next batch
9 minutes
wonder where the day went
put cookies on cooling rack
scoop out next batch
wipe down bathroom
take out garbages

check on linens
put clean sheets on bed
dress 8 pillows with clean cases
warm up coffee
eat more cookies

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Value Quilt Finished

 I began this quilt here, I finished it in the nick of time for my niece's wedding. When I say nick of time, I mean I was finishing the binding in the few morning hours before the wedding.

I really loved this quilt, I love the print variety, most from my stash and few I bought because I didn't have enough light prints. Also, a few I bought, special, for this quilt. It took a while, a little help from my sister, and I think we got the balance right.

I quilted the quilt on the diagonal seams and bound it in a solid chocolate brown that frames the quilt.

You know, you make these things with the utmost of love, and it truly takes love to give them away. A part of me just did not want to part with this one.


As any quilter and crafter knows a lot of work goes into the things we create, we give them away hoping the recipient loves them as much as we do. But you have to just let it go once it is given away. While I feel that my creations should be displayed or used in a place of prominence, well that does not always mean that the recipient will feel the same. They may feel it is best served in a playroom, that has to be okay, right? Whether I think it is or not. The giving and the love that went into must remain, unconditional.
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