Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Caution....Airing dirty laundry....

Or should the title read: Confessions from a Clogged Sewer...When Craft meets ADD...Starting is the antithesis of Completing. Okay enough you get the idea.

This is a good sign, is it not? Of some progress, somewhere. My spool is almost empty, there must be completed projects out there.

After writing this post, and reading this one, I started to clean out my sewing space. It tends to attract clutter of all types- it is very non-discriminate. It took me a whole day and part of another to get it to a workable place. It still needs work. True.

One thing I managed to do was round up a myriad of unfinished projects. YIKES. The above pile sports a quilt that needs a binding, a collection of Aunt Grace's fabric that I was going to make a bag with and now the urge is gone. In the first bucket is fabric that I started collecting 8 years sometime ago for a quilt for our bed. The bottom one is also the fabric for another quilt. Sheesh and that is just the first pile.

This (above) was a quilt for a baby (now 5) but I wasn't crazy about it and here it sits.

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And this pile...oh my... On the tippy top is this quilt and happily the backing came to my doorstep yesterday. Then there is another fall quilt top, 2 more quilts- started but stopped. What is my deal? Under those are some fix-it type things, a table runner, and a few odds and ends. Feeling embarrassed.

The package containing my backing.. hopefully...

I won't even talk about the ideas in my head or mention the things I want to make from the above collection. No. I. Won't. Start.

I think I will just go have one of these... Recipe on post down below...They are delish and I feel tired now.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Finds and Cool Treat Recipe

Edited to fix pictures.
The boys and I ventured out a hit a few sales and a few thrift stores. I buy all my spices in bulk and was being overtaken with bags of spices.  I was excited to find these. Not sure if I will keep the rack as I store my spices in the freezer. Maybe hit it with some spray paint? Not crazy about the yellow.

This shiny little gem lived in an exciting restaurant in its past now it mentioned it was ready to retire to a quieter life. Imagine the conversations it witnessed. Oh it just gleams on my counter keeping coffee warm for me into the afternoon.
Pretty sure my whole micro sized kitchen is reflected.

I have such love for vintage notions. Look....these are sewn on.

So pretty..

I was ultra excited to score this. $3.00 - mine broke years ago. If it was used you cannot tell. the ladies at the thrift had no idea what it was.

In other news.....
I have been obsessed with making pops this summer. They boys and I have had a blast coming up with creations and I have been watching for fun molds but have not found any other than these...
 I really want this book  or this one  or this but they will have to wait.

In the mean time I want to share this fab recipe that we came up with today....So good, our best yet. The worst is waiting for the freezer to do its work.

Black Cherry Banana Yogurt Pops

In a blender combine:

1 Cup vanilla yogurt

1 large banana

1 cup dark cherries (we used unsweetened frozen)

2 Tablespoons honey (1 big squeeze)

2 Tablespoons coconut (1 big pinch)

1/2 cup Milk

I did put some coconut in the bottom of half the molds before pouring in the mix.
Blend on High and pour into molds and freeze

Drink left overs.... or add ice cubes before blending and it is one yummy smoothie.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All I wanted was a bike tire....

On a recent trip to our local hardware store, with the innocent intentions of purchasing some new white wall tires for my lovely vintage Schwinn bicycle, I ended up without said tires but with what is pictured below.

Wholly Cow, you are thinking that is a mass of fabric. Tis true, three bolts to be exact. Three of a zillion the proprietor of the hardware store had in her car. They are to become....slowly mind you... Dresses for Little Girls, a cause for the children of Africa. There is also Britches for Boys being made out of old t-shirts. Someone had donated bolts and bolts of fabric that was in their basement and that was unfortunately flooded. All of the fabric had to be washed. I used vinegar and baking soda to try to remove the odor. There is only a mild amount in the blue fabric which I am going to cut and hang on the line- let the sun do the work.
Nevertheless, I did not get a tire, they didn't have any....ahem... Who has time to ride bike when there is all this fabric to contend with.

I have started to putter away at this gem again. I blogged about it here way back in the beginning of my blogging adventures. Yikes that means I have been at this for coming on five years. That makes me laugh as I see how many blogs have changed and progressed. I remain, slow and reticent to commit to a regular scheme. Oh well.

This is pretty much how I received these pieces and I have not gotten very far. I am trying to move forward on my many UFO's, like this pictured here and this one that I put boarders on this morning only to discover that I do not have enough of anything sufficient to back it with. I was hoping to finish it today. As I was searching through old posts to find the link I see this one also needs a binding. And then there is this...started and living in the great below (my basement sewing room).

As I think about all this I remember one that I have not even photographed that is a started but sitting in a drawer. Again, Yikes. I am thinking I should just add a category of started projects so that when I need a fix I can just look at all the stuff that I have not finished.

I can't tell you how happy this fabric makes me. Reminds me of Jacks and Marbles. I love the colors and am thinking of a grey binding. Okay I should think to get it together before I contemplate binding. Right.

In July I will be teaching a class here on these sweet little girls. I am pretty excited about it.


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