Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Airing out the laundry

I am a bit remiss that fall is so close and this my second week of being back to work, and only partly at that, so easily floods me with the reminders of the stress of last year. Now I have that to look forward to all over again. Juggling work and family, their school, my school and my college courses as well was not an easy task for my family or me. Sigh, I resolve to make this a smoother year for us all. Besides last year was the first time I worked out of my home in a long time and the job was so new and ridiculously over-whelming. Now I have a year of the job under my belt and it should go smoother-right? Right.

I find quilts on the line to be such a peaceful picture, every time I hang them I feel a slight wave of nostalgia wash over me and I take a moment to honor my beloved grandmother. She hung everything on the line out of necessity. I do it because I enjoy the look of things hanging out there and then feel rewarded by the wonderful smell the outside gives as a gift to the laundry when I bring them back in. The border of the angel quilt reads: Faith, Love and hope- this quilt is by far my most favored of any I have made.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A few finished things or almost

Ah, let’s try this again. I lost an entire post minutes ago and it was really good, full of wit and humor. No way will I be able to duplicate that one. ha

Last July I made three fairies similar to the ones pictured, however none are ever alike. They seem to take on their own little personalities as they evolve. I took them to our family reunion, my cousin fell in love with them, and they were sold. A month later, my aunt called and requested three for herself so here they are. I still have to create their twig swing so they have a resting place. They need a lot of rest I can attest to that. They seem to be very shy as I had a bugger of a time photographing them. I am sure it is their shyness not my photography skills. Right. (I will keep telling myself that)

This is an old spice rack that I acquired when we cleaned out my mother's house last summer. I was not sure what to do with it for a long time. I finally decided to use it in my sewing room to hold thread and other little things. I am quit pleased with how it turned out.

Now I must do some cleaning and filling of an order for buttons. Plus, I have a book that I can't wait to crawl back into.

Puppy Love

Who can resist a dog who snuggles with wool?

And on top of my favorite quilt as well, she is so supportive of my endeavors!!

In other news I started back to work yesterday, which is soooooo bittersweet. This is the first summerr that I can remember not having to work, whether it was waitressing in my twenties or doing daycare. It was so nice to be home with just my children. I must admit it was exciting to go back and see my colleagues and begin the preparations for another school year.

The kids and I have begun refreshing our mental academics as well. It is amazing what kids forget over the summer. We are spending an hour a day now reviewing numbers and writing lessons. I give Everett a starter sentence and then he writes a story about it. Those stories are truly treasures. The twins are just practicing writing their numbers the right direction and sight words. I hope this helps them as they enter the 4th (Everett) and 1st (twins) grades. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Scrappy Thoughts/ Scrappy kids

It is hot again in the mid-west, of course in another couple of months I will be in full "it soooo cold" whine mode.

Being the professional pack rat that I am ( although, I have managed to purge quite a bit this summer) I have a really hard time parting with my fabric scraps. I go so far as to put them in little containers marked with, say .....Sarah's quilt....and inside will be the remnants of a quilt I made for a good friend. My thought is to someday make a table runner or matching pillow for the said project. But alas someday often eludes me.

That is were the little fabric covered balls come in. Not necessarily an original idea but personal enough as they are simply tennis balls covered with some scraps I couldn't part with a, work in progress quilt, of the moment. I have the plan to make a whole large basket of these using pieces of different projects. A gentle and pretty reminder of goodness gone by.

This last spring Ash (the craftiest of all my children) came up with this idea while gathering scraps from the floor. He "pieced" them into this butterfly with a glue stick (my sister’s suggestion). I was so impressed that I top-stitched on them and whoola, his own little creation. As you can see that is all the farther it got but is destined for a frame or a pillow, I am not sure which. There is also a giraffe and a few others yet to be named that he created. He has always been very symmetrical in the things he makes...amazing.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Time flies...A Birthday Wish

14 years ago today...Lilliana LuCinda changed my world, and graced us with her presence. I love this photo of her it is one of my favorites; she is still as photogenic today. A trait she did not inherit from me. Although half of my face seems to do alright it is just the rest that struggles..ha ha... Happy Birthday my Lucy...I love you!!

The one thing I will never forget about her birth was during the drive to the hospital - only about 4 hours after my water broke- I said in a very cheerful voice; "this isn't so bad" thinking to myself, what was everyone talking about this does not hurt that bad. Ha ha silly girl, my mom just kind of grinned in that knowing way - this is only the very beginning of not so bad. Wow what a rude awakening the rest of that day was.

Then, the most amazing thing about giving birth is that it can hurt like the dickens and you wonder if it will ever be over, and why in the world you thought you could do this in the first place and then...... the doctor lays this tiny amazing creature on your chest and the elation that follows makes every ounce of the previous suffering bearable, worth it and oh so meaningful. What a gift!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

So, this may very well be the biggest financial drought our little family has ever been through. Being laid off has certainly put a gapping hole in the purse strings. However just as I was really beginning to bath myself in huge amounts of self-pity the following conversation with my sweet 6yr old Nolan occurred:

Nolan: “Mom” (he says this in a certain way that I know a string of what ifs are about to follow) “Would if (did you see that coming?) My pouch was filled with toooooooooooons of money?

Me (in a very wishey tone): “Oh that would be sooooooo great” To which I followed with a pathetic sigh

Nolan then looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes that conveyed some understanding and empathy on a level far too deep for his age:

"Then how about if you just have a boy full of Love"

I responded to that in the way any self respecting, heart on the sleeve wearing, known to cry at Folgers Christmas commercials (Peter’s home) would and melted in to a puddle but not before getting the best hug a mom could ever want.

The picture is this same child who taught himself to ride a bike last week. He came into the house out of breath stuttering in full force, exclaiming that he could ride a "two wheeler" a phrase we heard hourly for the next week. Mom "I can ride a two wheeler" totally random at any given time. In the bathroom...knock..."yes" "mom I can ride a two-wheeler".

If you look close enough you can see that the bike is actually a purple princess bike which for anyone who knows Nolan would understand how huge his desire to ride was that it overrode his ...I will not be girly..instincts. (a topic for another day) He learned to ride on the neighbor’s bike and the very next day Dad fixed the flat on his older brother’s old bike so that Nolan may ride at last.....Caution to the wind the child is free.

He is the only one of my four who I proclaim is self taught...he taught himself to: potty train, coordinate clothing (at a very young age), tie his shoes, swim and now to ride a bike. Makes me look really lazy but thankfully I have his twin but then again I guess Nolan inevitably teaches him most things. Except when it comes to art :

Ash: "Mom why can't I just ride like Nolan?"

Me: "You know every one is different and has different abilities"

Ash (tears welling): “what can I do that Nolan can't?"

Me: "well, you my sweet can draw just about anything by looking at it and even some things that none of us have ever seen"

Ash (relieved) “Your rights, I think I'll go get some paper"

In my mind: "phew"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A little of this and a little of that

This is the before shot of my dollhouse living room. My husband wired it a couple of years ago, but then we moved and I just got too busy to work on it. I felt inspired yesterday to give it a go and had a lot of fun. I did discover that decorating a house this small can be even more daunting then my own "big" house. I used to have some "hard wood flooring" (thin wood strips) but they seemed to have disappeared. Most likely they became part of an elaborate game for the boys and hence cease to have survived.

This is after the wallpaper and wool-la the lights work. Even at the risk of the living room looking a bit like a bordello I opted to use what I had, until I can replace the wood floor, so a red carpet it is. The picture is not the best but it is hard to photograph in such a small space, if only I had a shrink ray.

Today I am going to put up the crown molding and chair rail, and then I have to decide what to do with the kitchen. Originally there was a kitchen wall, but I opted for an open floor plan. Now that the living room has its colors I will have to use that scheme to make it flow. Yellow? Red? Lime green? Sigh the dilemmas of the interior designer.


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