Monday, December 07, 2009

::::Favorite Holiday Collection:::

After reading this post at Wisecraft, I had to share my favorite collection. They are tiny delightfully knitted mittens, socks, a sweater and a larger mitten. Four is enough to say it is a collection, right? They are hard to find, but I sure love them.

She will show you how to make your own miniature ornament. Make your own, why didn't I think of that? Especially after all the little outfits I made for these ladies. Oh well, I am excited to add to my collection of winter wearables eventually. I suppose that would fall under To Do. Ahem.
Blue and white cardigan for chilly nights.

One red mitten

Tonight I may get out my felt and started stitch'n!

High-waters no more

My pants were too short. Why? Of course it is because my legs are so so long. Or maybe it is that when my middle puts on a few extra holiday cookies- my pants seem to get shorter?
Anyway...I don't have a plethora of pants to choose from so being down a pair was not working. So I lengthened them. What do you think? Do they look silly or dated? You could say I up-cycled them. You could also say, judging by the above picture that I need a new ironing board cover! eek.

To Do::::::::

I have a To Do list. Today, I decided to start photographing the things I want to finish and posting them. I am sure, I am the only one who doesn't finish projects! I thought perhaphs that would help me to get in gear and get them done. Hopefully, I will be able to Coinside the to do's with the done's!

Lately I was inspired or should I say re-inspired by a commentar, Mary Lou, she is a fun and whimiscal designer. This quilt is full of her fabric designs, some of my favorite fabrics reside between the seems. This quilt is about the 4th one I ever made. I made it in 2003-2004ish. I finished it. I love it. There is a block for each of my children with their birthdate. I sent it to the quilter and she did it justice.
Then tragedy struck.

No sooner had I got it home, did I spill coffee on it. Quilting and coffee do go together but not literly. I cried. I ruined it, I felt. I had to soak it and soak it and subsequently some of the applique began to come up at the seams. I couldn't look at it anymore so I packed it away. 6 years ago.

Until today. I still love it and it just needs a little fixing, some minor surgery and it will be just fine. It is a little wrinkly, 6 or so years in storage does that, and the wings need tacking. But the binding is ready to go. I will try to post some better pictures on flicker and when she is done you all will be the first to know.
What do you have packed away waiting to be finished?


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