Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flea market finds

Golly gee wilickers, where did the week go? I have been swamped with homework and am trying to finish up one class before the next starts, these classes are accelerated and often overlap each other. So I have a final and four other papers to finish before Tuesday. This post will be brief. Focus pocus.

Troy and I ventured out yesterday for the first time alone in a loooooooooooong time and found ourselves at the once a year flea market. (is it me or does the word long in that all stretched out state look like a weaner dog?)

What is this oh so pretty fabric you ask?

These are full size, intact, blemish free- feed sacs that I found at the flea market!! I was so excited I cannot even begin to tell you!! I have only seen them cut and did a little dance upon discovering these little gems. I have know idea how much these usually are, but I paid three dollars a piece for them. I would have bought more but my budget is a bit restricted...ahem. No matter I did get these two and love them. The little metal letter holder was a quarter. Kinda a steal, I know.

Just one more picture!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

First quilt made for Lilliana

First quilt
Originally uploaded by Rickrack and Ribbons.
I have been swamped with homework this week and with preparing our lower level for new flooring. Plus, I can't do a whole lot of sewing since my room is in boxes. I am now living vicariously through pictures of projects finished and all your blogs. So, I thought I would show you a picture of the first quilt I ever made. I made it with Lilliana (the link is a baby picture of her she is 14 now) about 4 years ago. It is string pieced- very easy and very fun.

I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend I must get back to the books!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Swaps sent and received

I have been oh so sick this last weekend and into this week. I am finally feeling a bit more functional. This is my part of the pin cushion swap I sent to Sarah. The flower pin cushion is sporting Aunt Gracie's reproduction fabrics al-la 1999 0r so and I included a charm pack of the same. I also made a needle caddy of wool, if you look real close you can see the bird in the tree. If you listen hard you may even hear it chirping (this only works if your windows are open and there are birds outside hehe).

Inside the needle case:: a little scissors, some needles- of course- tape measure and button pins on the wool heart.

I really like how the applique turned out! No that is not the "proverbial ball and chain" hanging off it, that wraps around the button to close it.

A closer look and the flower pin cushion....

Finally, the whole kit and kaboodle- a piece of animal fabric- with Jack in mind and a few buttons my mom thrifted for good measure. Happy swapping!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Amish Friendship Bread

Has anyone made this? I have and thought I would make it again. I would love to share the starter with you but since I cannot put it through my hard drive -I hear that is not a good idea- I thought I would share the recipe link. This is a great bread and there are so many ways you can bake it up:: poppy seed, chocolate, banana. Plus, -as an added bonus- once the initial ten days are up you will always have it on hand to make a loaf when un-expected guests show up. Then you share it with friends and neighbors. Here is a little more information to help explain the starter for anyone who had never done this. Let me know if anyone wants to join me!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bringing home strays

So - I have two rescued dogs and now a stack of rescued books. Our school library was weeding out old books. Far be it from me to leave a stray anything, besides look at the illustrations in Faint George.

Then I just had to know the Party ABC's, do not be surprised if one of these days you receive an invitation from Sewing Sally, complete with buttons sewn to the corners-as advised in the book. It also reminds you of the fun of drinking ginger ale through a colored straw- which I personally think makes it taste better.

You may sew or crochet or embroider
or knit.
You may patch, darn or mend or
just chatter and sit.
You may sew a fine seam or make
a dress fit.
whatever you do, please come and
do it.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Monday

I Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! We had a good time with family and friends and food at my sisters house. I am still recovering from the sugar high.

We are at the last day of our spring break and tomorrow it is back to school for us all, I certainly did not accomplish all I had intended. I did finish my part of the pincushion swap for Sarah and hope to send it out tomorrow. I will post pictures when she receives it, but give you a sneak peek, without giving away the surprise for her. Swaps can be so nerve wracking know how it goes... you get all excited to create something for someone else, then you actually have to create something and on top of that hope that they don't hate it!! Plus deciding make to make and hoping it is something the recipient will even want. Then I worry if they will secretly hate it. And then as soon as I am done (this is only my second swap) I can’t wait for the next one!! What is that all about?

As for word..CLEANING.. I have mounds of laundry to do, floors that are crying for my attention and curtains to finish-I kept my machine from being boxed up and brought it to the dining room. And a new filing system to install-more on that later. Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

For the LOVE of snail mail

In the midst of my mess I am blessed. First I recieved a box of stuff from my mom. She volunteers at a thrift shop while snow-birding it up Arizona.

She had no idea what we were in the middle of when she sent this or how much it would brighten my day and........

........make me random is the plastic eyelash curler and those boots. Is there an eyelash curler craft tip that I am not aware of? Wait are they possibly awesome for curling ribbon? Okay I will try and find out. ::::But those boots? what are those about?...a cowboy wedding, a boot warming party?
Then there was this from my awesome swap partner Sarah, look at that pincushion... oh , the perfection, the beauty, the intimidation of it. Adorned with Rickrack---for me! So.... dare I say Yummy? How, may I ask am I supposed to create something equally as great?

Is it possible, the needle book- buttons to the top for crying out loud. But wait there's more......
Look at how wonderful this fabric is!!! It is oozing spring and covered in polka dots how did she know I love polka dots.

Could this be any better you ask well yes this last picture tells all. What a package she sent me. Pins and needles and polkadots and the final touch, felt rickrack, how appropriate is that. Have I gushed enough of the greatness of the very creative Sarah? I doubt it.
So I end with Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P.S. Is anyone dying to get their hands on some lovely plastic boots? I think they may make a wonderful gift for someone special. hehe


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