Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer afternoons with beverage

What says summer better then a cool glass of lemonade or Iced tea? A combination of the two. All the better shared with friends so here you have it my version of a perfect afternoon:

Green Tea Lemonade

one green tea bag

half a lemon

zest of half a lemon

sprigs of mint

Simple syrup or honey(optional)

Seep tea bag in hot water for about 4 to 5 minutes or to your taste. Let cool a bit. In a tall glass put sprigs of mint and fill with ice. Squeeze lemon and zest into your glass. Pour tea over and add a smig of water if needed. Hint: pour warm or hot liquids onto a silver spoon diffuses the heat somewhat. Add simple syrup or honey to taste.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Camera Happy

A happy Sunday. The weather was amazing and yes I may have a new appendage attached to my hand. I love having a camera again.

We, OK they, played a little football, I took a few shots of shadows.

There is a quality here that I like maybe blown up and in black in white?

We also played a little Yahtzee- Everett was the winner- the boy who could hardly sit to finish the game!

I like the contrasts that this camera captures.

And when all is said and done a day well played is the best reason to crash on the couch dirty feet and all!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Here!!

No not the goat, but she is here too-a temporary edition to our family. We have all fallen in love with her even when she escaped from here pen and we had to chase her around town. Then, of course, she ran past a garage full of party goers who got a big kick out of three grown adults and a few children chasing a goat. Me being one of them ahem...only in my life. Does it tell how small this town is when you can still keep farm animals in the city limits?

No what is here is my new-to-me camera!! I am so excited. This is how it went: 4 months or so Lilli took my camera to school and it disappeared? Two weeks ago I could take it no more and said to my self...self why don't you look on e-bay maybe you will get lucky! (Insert sarcastic laugh) Well I decided I could only spend so much money and that I wanted the Kodak Z740 which had been falling below our $ limit. Okay so far so good. Then the bidding begin and the "oh I got it, there is two seconds left....wait what happened...who is the @#$%^ who just swooped me" Argh, sniff sniff. Bid again and again and again and yeah 13 cameras and 6 days later I WON. I was so blasted excited finally winning and not being snorkeled out of yet another camera. Now I am getting used to it and am excited to share some of what I have been up to without using the scanner. My new accidental love are these fire king tea cups. I have a few more that I will show you later but I think they are so cute. Does anyone know if they come with entire dish sets?
And this is a quilt top I made a few weekends ago. I call it Summer Camp I did not have a pattern I just winged it...hehe not always the best plan but it worked out. I am going to have it quilted on Thursday and will post when it is done.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A really good deal

Thanks for the Anniversary wishes we did not do a lot but had a nice long weekend anyway. It was our town's yearly celebration so we got our fill of parades and hot dogs and bands.

We did go in on Saturday morning and hit a few garage sales and an antique store or two. We did not have a lot of luck but on the other hand I was just hoping for "that really good deal". I felt really lucky when I found this pink chenille throw. I scanned it so you can get an idea of what it looks like. It has one or two small tears in it and it had a price tag of $2.50 on it. I couldn't believe it. I had to look at it twice to make sure I did not miss-read it or something. I was thinking I could use it as a cutter or just repair the holes and someday use is in a spare room. Lilliana took one look at it and said she wanted it for her bed. My heart fluttered as she usually turns up her cute little nose at things from yesteryear!!! Awww she does a mamma proud!!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Tomorrow is the last day of my summer classes and I cannot tell you what joy it brings me to know that I have three weeks without the pressures of homework. Don't get me wrong I love College but the hardest part is the fact that I also have to work. Now again don't get me wrong I am really enjoying my summer job but I also have children at home that I miss while I am away.

The other tough thing about College is the plain fact that I would rather be doing other things. Like reading blogs -wow the time flies- creating things, baking and cleaning (I often clean while procrastinating).

So yes, you can probably guess that I should have been working on my research paper on "Deep Ecology" instead of making these coasters that incidentally match the throw pillows I also made, which are too big for my scanner. (Would my English Professor have a hay day on that sentence!! I am such a rebel)

Did I mention, again, that I am really excited about something that should be in my hot mits next week?
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy 1yr Blog-averary

Wow has this month flown by!! I thought I'd pop in just in case anyone else still checks in on me. I am really excited because something is soon to be on its way to me. Oh what is it you wonder? I am not going to say just yet but it will make things look different around here!!

So in other news one year ago today I posted my first post! I remember how inspired I was then, how excited I was to share the things I was doing and how totally amazed I was by the wealth of talented people who reside in the blogisphere. I am impressed that I have kept up with it, aside from recent and occasional lags. For the most part it is all you wonderful bloggers that inspire me to keep going.

In celebration of my 1yr:

Evoked by color
Woke from slumber

Fingers ache
To create

Textiles take shape
Pieced together

Threads of love
Stitch by stitch

The legacy
Of a crafty life

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

Happy 4th to you all~Just thought I'd drop in quick to say that I am swamped with summer stuff and hope to be back to a regular blogging schedule next week!! Have a happy Holiday!!


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