Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I recently discovered this wonderful blog, Silly Mama Quilts, I entered one of her scrap giveaways and won! First time visiting and a It just so happens that not only does she have a great blog but she lives near me. Below is a glimpse of my win.
I am really excited because this happened to come on a day off that I plan to spend quilting.
As it happens, I am short fabrics for my low volume quilt (weird)
and there are several pieces that I can incorporate right away!!
I love the letter piece above and wish I had more!! It reminds me
blanket I had as a child that was a whole cloth thing made to look like a quilt.
As it is my day off I decided a quick trip to the quilt shop was in order,
 I had some mitten money burning a whole in my purse.
Also, I start a new job tomorrow and decided this was the perfect treat!
I adore the vintage coffee fabric! Not sure where it will end up but isn't it cute? 
Okay this is the best! I had to buy a yard because that is about the repeat!
It cracks me up... I love the kitchy-ness about it. the articles are hilarious.
One of the articles....
Woman Uses Husband as a Pincushion! written by Jill the Ripper

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


For a long time I have fully resisted the urge to take up any type of yarn work. I have felt that I had enough hobbies and unfinished works that adding to it, would be, well, adding to it. However, while working on my mittens I needed more yarn.
I was seduced by the gazillion skeins of soft, pretty, crisp ovals of yarn all wrapped up and tidy on the shelf. I had always concluded that if I were to learn a yarn sport it would be crochet, I love the little trims and motifs you can create. So during the holidays I picked up my hook, (from previous attempts at learning the craft) and gave it a go.
This pink little number with its concave sides that look like they have been chewed on, is my very first attempt.
I did a lot of chaining and taking apart over and over, until I felt comfortable. Then I learned the next step of single crochet (I think) or I sorta learned it. Then I ripped it out and did it again and again, again. It took forever, what with all the starting over.
When I finished I thought I would  move on to double crochet, but decided to make myself do these “washcloths” at least three times.
 I have trouble with the sides.
With the second one, my focus was less on the stitch-that started to become natural- and more on keeping my stitches relaxed, and finding the rhythm of the stitches. With crochet, there isn’t the gratifying clink of the needles as in knitting but there a rhythm that ensues.
My sides look better but they are still wonky.
I also decided it is good to learn a new skill, to force your brain to think in a new direction. Plus, I used finger muscles I didn't know I had.

Today I celebrate my Birthday,
oh, what am I doing you wonder?
 I have a job interview!
I am actually looking forward to it as I like to interview, so we will see. And maybe bake myself a cake.

Monday, January 07, 2013


Inspired here, and as a result was directed here,
I thought I would make a quick throw pillow. I do not have any pretty ones and love how they change up a room.
I decided to wing it and make a few scrappy blocks, throw on some sashing and admire my creation.
Enter silly girl.
 Instead I created some blocks, measured out the sashing, realized I was doing math, retrieved more coffee, loosely measured and cut the sashing, sewed a little, answered the phone, threw in a load of laundry, rearranged the blocks, re-cut the sashing,
realized I can’t do math,
cut more sashing to make up for the fact
that I can’t do math, drank more coffee,
and before I knew it, it was 3:30 in the afternoon and I was still futzing with the pillow.
At this point, I became determined to finish.
That is, after a good laugh at myself.
So right before dinner, I finished it up!
You know some days I get a thousand things accomplished and others…..not so much.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Making Mittens

Fly Free, that is what this little stitchery did yesterday.
She is traveling some 100 or so miles south.
 I hope her recipient enjoys her.
As for the mittens I had an order for some warm mittens.
They are 99% made from recycled materials.
The 1% is the yarn in the blanket stitching.
I needle felted on the hearts on the outside and again on the thumb
and LOVE how they turned out.
All the outsides are made from wool sweaters and the insides from
cashmere or merino wool sweaters!
The tan pair was a child's sweater that was shrunk. I love the pockets!
In case you needed to see the little hearts on the thumb one more time!
So far, three pair in three evenings,
while watching the HBO special Pacific,
that my Hubs got for Christmas.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
I did some making for the holidays and thought I would share a few things.

I loved making these towels and they may be my new go to gift. They are so quick and easy.

 For my sister I did a few quick hoop dillybobs, the sewing machine template is from this site . I just appliqued it on to a piece of grey and hooped it up.

I am sure you have seen these all over the web and Pinterest. I really love how it turned out.
The round covered button is from a wool sweater that I accidently shrunk and have used its- happy accidental- parts in a few projects HERE and my favorite is  the little purse found HERE.



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