Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coffee and Gnomes


My birthday was at the beginning of the month. It was one of the most fun
birthdays I have ever had and it came with a week's worth of surprises and treats.
My epic birthday was perfectly concluded with a package from my sister
containing 3 really fun prints from "Gnome Living" by Robert Kaufman.
I just love them. The Gnomes are really adorable and I already have
a project planned for them.
I also got a great surprise box from this awesome girl during my
birthday week. Look at all the goodies
she sent! That is real vanilla beans
in what looks like a cigar tube. Phone picture...sorry.
I can't tell you how fun this was to open.
She also did an awesome shout
and for
an order that I did for her pre- Christmas.
above picture by Tricia @
The rectangle on the left is a lavender hot/cold pack.
There are more pictures on her Blog.
She does amazing photography work and is a stellar person.
You should check her out!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tea and Cozies

A few years ago I decided that Saturday tea time should be a thing at our house.
I started small, with just myself, tea cups, and a few treats.
One of my sons, then 11 was intrigued by the goodies I made.
I told him he had to join me to have any
and Saturday tea time was born.
If you make it they will come.
Now my boys are all well into their teenage
years and look forward to this by-monthly event. Sometimes it is
every Saturday and sometimes not.

Last Saturday, after a late breakfast, tea became the mid day meal.
Of course it was a hit.
I loved the picture above as the owls and bear all seem to be looking at the same thing.
A post ago I was mentioned an order I was working on for more
coffee cozies.
I received a few more orders since then.
 I am almost done with them, but have so much fun creating them.
I added a few more to the shop.
I should have mentioned that this was a cozie heavy post.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Awe a Birthday

During the holidays we are so grateful that my wonderful mother
gets to come home from her warm
haven in AZ to spend time with family in
the frigid Midwest. This year we were doing
some last minute holiday shopping
when I spied this Janome Hello Kitty
sewing machine.


I have been a Hello Kitty fan from waaaaaay back.
Now this may seem silly but I really wanted this
machine. I figured that even though it is
probably meant for a child, it would still
be a good quality machine.

I was oooohing and aweing over it,
and my mother decided it would
make a great birthday gift.

I have to say that I am very impressed with this machine.
It will be a great travel machine as well as a back up.
I like that it is mechanical and very sturdy.
The seams are beautiful and it has the right
amount of decorative stitches.  

Monday, January 06, 2014

Coffee Cozies

Happy Monday! We have been tucked
away in the warmth of our house
avoiding the sub zero (as in -40 wind chill) temps
Before Christmas I made a few of these
coffee cozies for a silent auction.
The next thing I knew a co-worker
ordered 10 of them from me for
Christmas. Yay.
Much to my surprise she came back
and said a recipient of one of the
cozies wants to order 16.
Perfect weather to begin the making of them
and photograph a
few that are in my
We also had a fantastic house guest for the weekend
who was kind enough to school me in 
the art of better picture taking. what do you think?
Not to mention that she brought us
 a -new to us- couch and
love seat that we have all been loving
to lounge on all weekend. Again Whoot.   


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