Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Wow, it has again been awhile. I have many journal entries with this sentance as well....trend maybe? No, life has just been extremely busy. I thought I would share the story of our little tree with you. This December has been on of the busiest, stressful and blessed of any I can remember. I had two classes instead of my usual one and I was working a few extra evenings a week in addition to my day job. Getting homework done became a challenge and everything else, like getting a Christmas tree, was just not happening. So about two weeks into the month, my children were getting very tree antsy. One night Lilli came bursting into the house, bubbling with excitement. She had found us a tree. She and her friend spotted it all alone at the side of the road. They put it in the backseat and brought it home. Now my first thought was how some poor family had lost their tree on their way home. Not knowing what to do, its not like you can put up “lost tree” signs. We decided to keep it. It looks narrower then it actually is because it is weighted down with ornaments. Each year on Christmas Eve, I give everyone a new ornament so that when they have a home of their own they will have these keepsakes. This is what my mother did for us and I have many of mine. However, between all of the, “made at school” ornaments and their own it is laden with memories.

I hope that you all have a Happy New Year and that it brings more joy and creative energy then the one before. I hope to be inspired to resume posting and that some of you return. Thanks to those of you who have checked in in the last few months.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween::: A small amount of crafting has gone on here:::: Some lively witches via wool felt showed up and a happy little candy corn bat too.....

Esmerelda is soooo happy outside it is hard to get her to come in a make a brew of tea!!
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its been a while

Wow I can't believe how long it has been since I have been here!! Things became a bit on the wild side around here once school started. School starting has many implications in my world: the kids go back, I go back to work full time (in addition to my part time job) and I also start my college classes again. Needless to say the last month has been very busy. A few fun things have also gone on:
A last but wonderful annual camping expedition

My Fave.... Perked camp coffee...emmmmm

Our quarters we are normally tenters but the end of August can be unpredictable, we opted for dry and warm.

This little guy could be found in this spot most of the time- with or without his brothers

And the camp just doesn't get any better- eating smores (not me) watching the stars and playing memorization games

Sunsets from the dock

Of course clear water for swimming

Oh yeah and the occasional glimpse of Birtha the resident snapper

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Sister's Keeper

Another gift for my sister-

Just to help keep the important things with-in reach.
Made from: Felt.Buttons.Yarn.Washers.Beads.Embroidery.Lots of Love

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Quilt shop

This is a miniature quilt shop that I made for my sister a few years ago. I was at her home this weekend and thought I would take pictures of it. I made it in the inside of a sewing box. We had worked at a quilt shop together, and I had moved away so I thought it would make a nice remembrance. The christmas quilt on the back wall is a miniature reproduction of a table runner that I made for my mom.
This little shop has it all...quilts, fabric (all quilt shop quality of course) notions and even samples. The purple quilt has in it fabrics that my sister used to make my son and daughter a quilt with.

This is a miniature version of the one I made for Lilli.

There is even a cutting table, mat and pins. More photos here.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is my son's nigh nigh. He is 7. All my children had a special blanket and so did I. Okay fine I still have mine, its under my bed safety tucked away because like my children's it is tattered and torn and loved.

I know that some feel that a child should let go of these special items but I just do not think it is that big of a deal. All four of my kids clamored on to a special blanket and I let them. It was routine, "get your nigh nigh its time to rest". They are torn and stained and worn from tears and joy, they were present when I was away and they kept us both warm when we rocked at night. They helped boo-boo's feel better and tummy aches seem not so bad. To me they are a beautiful symbol of childhood and well loved, they are comfort to them long after I have tucked them in.
Ash is the only one of the four who faithfully gets his each night and the only one I still mend. If I could find that fabric I would make him another. But really, he had two and they both look the same. They were a baby gift; one for him and his brother. Like many things Ash claimed both and Nolan found another. Nolan has one he really likes but he also has replacements that work just fine for him. Ash has the two and is faithful to them. So I mend, fixing the blanket, a tribute to the many times the blanket itself helped mend my child. Hoping they will hold out a little longer, as I hold on to the precious childhood of my youngest children; because I know too well, soon that too will be but a memory.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Morning in August

Weekends come and go too fast. This last one was a fun one. I can't say I accomplished a lot but I am trying. I have been organizing. I am not organized. I have potential to be organized but ahem it is boring. The problem is I have a mess. Hence the need to organize.. (wow I am a Master of the Ovious) I have a mess still from the
flood, I have a mess from well...... me and I have a mess because I just have too much stuff. My goal is to get a grip. Hehe. The floors are all done except for the trim which we will be able to purchase soon. Then I can put back the furniture, that holds the stuff, that lives in the house that jack built.

I did manage to decide what to do with my Melmac- Sarah suggested to put it in a picnic basket and that was where I was headed with it. Then I was staring at this unused corner of my kitchen and thought hmmm I do have this great shelf that I was using in my sewing area......maybe I should paint that and use it in the kitchen. I have a shortage of storage in my little kitchen-I know it was designed by a man- one who only ordered take out. You know, I really like it-it is all cottage-y feeling.

What does this pillow have to do with anything? Nothing at all I just like him.

Planning requires a planner, covered with felt and my new motto....simple simple simple.....

Our dog:: so sweet:: so destructive- loved to look out our blinds and consequently broke them. It was a tad unsightly. Okay really unsightly. So I hung these. Now this fabric has been a part of my life for a long time. Recognize it Judy? I have/had a whole bolt of it. It has been curtains in several of our homes and just when I think I am never going to use that- yup I do. It is hanging from clips and I need to actually sew on tabs because they are long and puddle at the bottom but for now they will have to do.

I thank you all so much for your ideas on my felt blocks....I still haven't gotten them together but as soon as I do....... You guys are the best for advise!!! Thanks so much.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Girl::: Happy 15th Birthday!!!

Oh My Lucy! I am amazed at how far we have come. My little independent, strong willed, collicky, dramatic, night terror having, loving, sweet, sensitive, emotional, did I mention dramatic, beautiful, thoughtful, wise girl has taken all the afore mentioned things that used to fly hilly nilly at whomever was about and rolled them into the most amazing person. Somehow Lilli, you channelled all what used to be emotional chaos and have come away with an inner beauty that surronds you and infects anyone near you. You make me laugh and you make me cry and sometimes both at the same time. You blow me away with your common sense and your wisdom. You are a gift, you are hope and I am so so proud to be your Mom!
Happy Birthday Lilliana.
I Love You~Mom

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Advise Please

A few posts back I showed you some embroidery . I have since finished four 7x7 squares of them. I had originally thought that I would sash them for a wall hanging. Now I am not sure which way I like better. You all have such good sense that I thought you wouldn't mind putting in your two cents-so I could make sense of these but not actual cents...WOW is my brain in kid mode or what? Please tell me what you think;)

To sash or...

Not to sash?

The individual blocks: another option use them separately?

The above Photo is closer to the actual color of the green felt. The other pictures came out really olive-y.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A day at the Beach?

Nope just a good day to flood the sand box and build a King Arthur's Castle.

Umm Excuse me, Yeah you little boy with no shirt? Is that my garden shovel sticking out of the sand? Hmmm Oh you'll put it right back...Oh Ok then.

Oh Camelot how we love thee even if you are invaded by army men!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Yard Saleing 90's style

It was odd to see a sign for a garage sale on a Sunday. That is rare around these parts, but there it was. Troy had already stopped on his way home and in his great wisdom, knew that I would love it, so we headed back. The best part was the it reminded me of when I was in my late teens and would hit the sales every weekend with a few deal lovin friends.

Fire King bowls .75

Square Melmac dishes $3 for a zillion of them

Glass Salt and Pepper shakers $.50 each

Blue flowered fire king $.50
Pretty in fuchsia tea cups and flowered dish $.15

3 vintage pillow cases $.25 each

Shoe stretchers $1.00

Basket of brayers $.25 (can't say I love the basket though)

All together the total including a new light fixture for the boys room $9.75
Now what in the world am I going to do with all this Melmac?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tragedy close to home

Although I live many miles away from interstate 35w now, I have been on that bridge many times. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, the families, and the rescue workers who were involved. Please say a prayer.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I picked up some embroidery of late. I used to do a lot of hand work when my babies were small. It was so much easier then starting something larger that I had to stop doing a million times during the day. Embroidery is portable, it is peaceful. I love how the after a few stitches the needle dances in and out of the fabric or in this case the felt. I love the rhythm of handwork and the romance. -Is it weird to be romanced by a needle and thread. I imagine it to be as rewarding as painting is to a painter. My aunt came for a visit yesterday and asked if I used a thimble and while I own a nice leather thimble I only use it for hand stitching quilt binding. For free-hand needle work I just sew taking the needle pricks for the team.

A few years ago I had to stop doing embroidery because my thumb hurt in the worst way- I was sure it was from all the hand sewing. It made me grateful that I could just stop. It made me think of all the women who had to hand sew from sun up to sun down just to make a living. So many of the hobbies we have now for relaxation were once done for the sake of survival of both mind and body. Quilting is one of those women in the 1900's quilting was both practical for warmth and for the sake of the heart. For many it was their only way to visit with other women. I think of the women on the prairie some who died of loneliness in their mud huts during harsh winters. When the snow stopped they got together and pieced a quilt. That fascinates me.
Of course there is also the underground railroad. Quilts meant survival. Last weekend Troy and the boys and I were at an antique shop and Everett spotted a quilt he says mom look that is the North Star pattern. My eyes lit up "how did you know that?" I asked him "If that quilt was hanging outside the people who were escaping the South knew they were at their final destination to the North" he tells me. I must remember to thank his teacher - what a cool lesson to learn.
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