Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A day at the Beach?

Nope just a good day to flood the sand box and build a King Arthur's Castle.

Umm Excuse me, Yeah you little boy with no shirt? Is that my garden shovel sticking out of the sand? Hmmm Oh you'll put it right back...Oh Ok then.

Oh Camelot how we love thee even if you are invaded by army men!


Linda said...

Too cute, looks like a fun day!

Anina said...

So funny! Especially the army men in Camelot, guns and all.

Valerie said...

ok I admit it : at first (pic) you got me ! I really thought it was at the beach !!!
they must have enjoyed themselves :)
I'll email you tonight...

Katie Jean said...

haha I love it! I think I'm only years away from that scene!


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