Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy 50th::: Want free stuff?

More on the note of recycling......A favorite pitcher that broke in half finds new life in the garden.. A little picture of a pitcher of flowers. Pitcher Perfect.

The rain is pounding outside as I type this, it is a beautiful hard rain that soaks the earth.

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

I love the rain especially when thunder and lightening accompanies it. Even after the tornado that devastated our town four years ago I still get a rush from weather.

On to the free stuff:: This is my 50th post. 50 50 50 I posted 50, read in a sing song fashion please hehe. Quite an accomplishment for me as I have been at this blog for nine months. Apparently, I don't have a whole lot to say. Nonetheless, it seems a reason to celebrate. So in what has become traditional blog fashion I am going to have a little drawing. I find myself with an abundance of trim that I would like to share. Also one lucky winner will receive a piece of Holly Hobby fabric- it seemed to be the most admired of my recent score.

So here is the deal....... leave a comment (You too you lurkers... I know you are out there....eerm I hope you are?) and on Sunday the 3rd I will draw, oh not one but three (it is on the 3rd so three names seems good) lucky winners:: two will get an assortment of trim and a random piece or two of fabric, now come on it will be a good piece:: the third name will receive the Holly Hobby piece and trim as well. Just make sure you leave an e-mail addy or e-mail me directly::cre8b2ru(at)yahoo(dot) com:: who's in?. Good luck and happy commenting hehehe

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Love Spring

What do you do when a cute splish splash boot gets too small and its mate decides to split? (shoes and boots seem to have minds of their own around here, how do my kids always seem to loose one:: Where is Nancy Drew when I need her?)

Use it as a planter of course. I strongly believe in reduction of waste which marries nicely with my theory that if it can hold dirt it can be planted.

Could I offer you a nice cup of geraniums to go with your boot?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A question and my Husbands amazing talent

Okay first I am a Mozilla user, mainly because I like the ability to use tabs while browsing, my husband uses Explorer. I have found that some sites actually work better in explorer so I use it on a need to basis. The other day I opened up my blog in explorer and it was totally whack- the links and sidebar was all on the very bottom. I checked other blogger blogs and they did not have this problem. Does anyone know why this would be, does my blog look like that on your browser and how do I fix it? I would really appreciate any input.

Now on to my husband..... Soon we should have the last of the flooring in our lower level, this has been a long process since the great flood, as some of you know. We decided to put in hardwood laminate in the entry, landing and family room. We have been on the look out for a large room rug to cover up {go figure} the said flooring after it is installed. If you ever look at rugs they are pricey at east to us they are, especially on that doesn't feel like glorified sand paper on your tootsies.

Enter my husband who called my Friday from a garage sale to tell me he found a rug for downstairs and should he buy it? Getting a phone call from my husband at a garage sale is not new to me, in fact last Saturday when I graduated I realized 10 minutes from home that I left my weekend clothes on our bed. Troy had to go back alone to get them and I went on ahead with my mom. I worried that he may never make it to graduation because there would be too many sales on the way to tempt him and no one to keep him focused. Back to my point I totally trust his taste and he knows me well enough what I like besides I thought the laundry room
could always use a new rug if it is bad. BUT look what he came home with for ten dollars a piece,

not one but three......Gosh I love that man!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

The mother-load

** I do not know why blogger uploaded these pictures and text all wonky!

So there I was driving home one day last week minding my own business and what do I come across? Well I will tell you..... a garage sale in a storage garage filled with fabric. Ummm yeah, I pinched myself, twice.

To the left we have vintage Holly Hobbie and paperdoll print. Below is Gigham made by Pennys. Who knew that Pennys made fabric?

The pile of solids: the blue is a wool blend and the rest are cotton

and twill.. I see capris and summer shorts and this green is a border print in soft cotton soon to be an easy peasy wrap skirt.

I find this funky red mushroom or tree (?) Cord pretty cool and the flowered print is a heavy duck cloth perfect for a table cloth. Did I mention that all this fabric was 50 cents a yard!!

Now may I present direct to you from my shabby deck that is in dire need of a paint job...........


These cards were a dollar each and filled with lovely, soft, some vintage trim.

This box contains seam binding, rickrack and ribbon {Grin}, lace of all kinds and even velvet ribbon and rickrack!!

My favorites
Needless to say this was a fruitfull sale leaving me with a smile on my face and a very little dent in my wallet.

Catching up


**Disclaimer.....Heavy picture post

I think things have settled a bit..for now and I have been dying to show off this great mag swap I received from Valerie!! You can see what I sent her on her blog as I did not take pics before I mailed.

This is my first ever copy of Marie Claire Ideas.....I cannot tell you how fun this was to receive!! Especially on a particularly ucky day. I innocently check my mail and find this lovely package complete with a bag or two of tea to help me relax while I indulged in some much needed quiet me and Marie time.

Valerie also included this pretty pin and two beautiful postcards, one which depicted the incredible area that she lives in!!
Notice I did not photograph the picture on the outside because.......Look at how beautiful her handwriting is. I am so taken with the artistry of it!!

Lovely fabric and French linen too

I love these little pieces she sent for applique.

Now how about a peek inside? I know the pictures are a bit rough but a girl has to work with what she has.

Fellow bloggers (is it me or am I becoming preachy...fellow bloggers hehe) don't you think these are the cutest little containers? I must make them, I must make them - the latter in on a loop in my brain every time I look at this page. Where does a person find a six egg carton?

This mag is killing me because I cannot read French, I can however pull out a pretty believable accent...somehow that does not help me in this case.

Yes there are even instructions for the bowls and they also have plates!!

Ummmmm Yummy above and Yummy below

If you can't find me it is because I moved into this room, how great would my sewing machine look against that wallpaper.....Pure inspitation I tell you..

Valerie this was a wonderful package!! Have I thanked you enough?

I would also like to thank everyone for their congrats on my graduation, which was splendid, you guys are so kind and it meant a lot to have so many nice comments! I will post pictures as soon as my mom figures out how to e-mail them to me.

Tune in tomorrow to see my treasures from a fabric lovers dream garage sale!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just a quickie

It has been a while since I have posted, so I thought I would leave a quick note to anyone who still may visit. I have been crazy busy lately finishing finals and getting ready for my big Graduation day tomarrow. I will be receiving my AA and then two more years for the BA!! I have tons of great things I will share soon including some great mail from France!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How cute are these?

My mother...not only an excellent thrifter
But also a great knitter!!
Now back to the books for me~Have a happy week


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