Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Night to Remember

Last night was my oldest daughters first Prom...themed "A Night to Remember"

We had our lovely and talented niece come over and take photos, she is a photography major and yes my child has over 130 pictures of her prom...really do you think we took enough pictures?

Playing with the camera (or playing to the camera)

And Finally....

Lilli and her date at the Grand March

After the dining and the dancing came the after party held at the school. They had arcade games, pinball, darts etc and also Wii, Rock band and Guitar Hero on big screens. Plus a ton of food and over 250 prizes including a Wii, t.v.s, mini fridges, microwaves, etc Not to mention that each couple received a goody bag....amazing Lilli won a luggage set, duffel bag and a card table. No kidding- a card table?

There were 50 couples and all 100 kids attended the after party/lock in at the school. How cool is that!! My niece and I chaperoned the after party with our shift starting at 11:30p.m. and ending at 5:30a.m. Let me be the first to say that as fun as it was....what a long night!!!

Posted by PicasaOn another note thanks for the e-mails of concern and the other kind comments, life has a way of demanding attention, I miss blogging and all the people I have met here and hope to be regular again but make no promises.


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