Thursday, July 27, 2006

A new role for a beloved item

What do you do with an old knife holder from your grandmother that you cannot throw away and a small clipboard? Re-purpose them. The knife holder is a pale pink color and has been floating around forever. I would just move it from one place to the next not being able to bear throwing it out. I was so excited when I was struck with the idea to put a few flowers in it and place it near my sewing table.

Next to it is my new pattern holder, it is an old clip board which I decoupaged papers and stickers to and aged with an ink pad. I used the same process for the boxes from my previous post (I would insert a tag here to that post if I were that savvy, however, I am not).

Our company left yesterday, ho hum, it is so sad to say good-bye. I hate it. We had a nice visit and the kids are in love with them. Ash sat on his Uncle for an entire day. Apparently, my kids do not get out much and are enamored with someone new (at least new to them).

Friday, July 21, 2006

Two for you one for me

I finally made myself a nite lite, I have made many as gifts and even been known to give ones to someone who admire them at my home. So this one is for me. I would put them in every outlet if I could but that might be a little over kill-do you think? I love the fact that you can cover almost anything with fabric, once I even decoupaged a garbage can so it matched the bath. I wish I could apply the same technique to my son who seems to be perpetually shirtless, not to mention constantly forgetting to put on his undergarments. Ah to be six again.

Project stash

My mother in law gifted these very old and very beautiful quilt blocks to me. There are 8 finished nine patches(center) and then a pile of sorted and pinned-ready to be sewn pieces and I hope to start them soon. I just love the pattern of the X O blocks. I can't wait to see it put together.

Troy's sister and brother in law arrived this morning on the "red eye" from Washington State...oh how I miss the coast...So I was to the airport and back by 8:30 this a.m. Which is a stretch for a sleeper like myself- anything before 7am just feels like punishment.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I love Fabric

So this is what I bought during The eyelet is for bloomers-yes I said bloomers- I've wanted a pair for while so I am going to make them...too cute. The white ribbon will be the drawstring tie on the bloomers. The other fab fabric is printed canvas, I love it, a bag perhaps? To go with the bloomers (hehe).

There is a world beyond my front door

I took my niece Nora, Lilliana and her friend to a movie last night. I opted not to go with them, I would have loved to go, but really needed some alone time. I have not been out of the house in weeks, which can be dangerous for ones over all wellbeing. I teetered on that slippery slop after the twins were born. It was winter, I had three children under three, Lilli was in school, and leaving the house became daunting and scarier by the day especially if I took everyone with me. After a few months I started to realize that I was actually becoming unwilling to leave, the fear and anxiety were overwhelming. I knew that if I did not start to force myself to go I would be in real trouble. So that’s what I did-I forced myself out of the house. Slowly the fears subsided and I was able to leave without the inevitable anxiety attack.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crafting necessities in disguise

Trim in disquise

Being that my 9yr old son decided he really wanted his own room, (apparently sharing with his twin brothers is not as fun as one would think). So, I gave up my sewing/crafting room and moved things to the family room. In an effort to re-establish, my new crafting space I needed to disguise storage boxes for the whatnots of creating for esthetic (haha) purposes. This is my solution for some of my ribbon and rickrack collection.


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