Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twenty Years was Not Enough

Twenty years was not enough

You said so little
But laughed so much
Twenty years was not enough

Your smile so big
As you pretended to be tough
Twenty years was not enough

Your big brown eyes
They said so much
Twenty years was not enough

So many lives
You had no idea that you touched
Twenty years was not enough

I needed to tell you
That I loved you so much
Twenty years was not enough

Now you are free to fly
As we have to heal
Twenty years was not enough

We have to smile
To pretend to be tough
To say so little
And try to laugh so much
We set you free
To light the heavens with your smile
We love you Nate
Even though
            Twenty years was not enough

Losing someone you love- to young- too soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year

I really love the New Year, I love the idea of a fresh start. It is really more then an idea if you put it into practice. There is something cleansing that happens in January a precursor to, what I always view as, the doldrums of February. For some reason the upcoming month is my least favorite. I digress, I was reflecting on the New Year and a fresh start. This is the time of year that I DO NOT resolve, I reflect and consider how I can improve home, health and family.

In December I was lucky enough to land a two week sub position that kept me busy and exhausted. This month has been slow so I am going to take this opportunity to clean, sort and organize. I would love to say that I will post about it regularly - but really who am I kidding- I have not posted since November. Sheesh. Yet I keep the blog, sometimes I wonder why, I am more of a blog stalker then a regular poster. Although, I know if I closed this blog I would miss it. Especially when the whim strikes.

On Sunday, my sister and I threw a shower for my niece, a bridal shower, we had a tea party theme. The vintage mugs and tea cups were the party favor. Pick your own and take it home.

 I have to say that this girl amazes me. I have had the privilege of being a part of her life since birth. I think that the best part about being an aunt is I knew I loved her the first day I met her, within days of her birth. Which means I can tell my nieces and nephews that I will always have loved them longer. I have been witness to her growth through the years and so admire her grace, her character (un-matched), and her talent. I find myself a little shaken when I reflect on her journey and the multitude of wise choices she has made that carried her to this place. I am honored to be a small part of her life. The wedding is approaching fast and I am prepared for the on slot of tears that will cascade during the ceremony. But so grounded in the knowledge of the beautiful life they will have together and I can guarantee there will never be a dull moment.
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