Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday Stash :: Okoboji Retreat Edition

As I write this I am sitting in a large room surrounded by windows, I hear the whir of machines diligently humming away. My own machine anxiously awaits.

I am posting from my IPad which, honestly presents some 
challenges, but I think I'm getting it. 
There is 2 sewing stations and two tables between myself and 
the Shop, a quilt shop shares the same room I sew in. Sponsored by
                           The Quilted Forest..... This also presents challenges, such as staying away. 
I picked up the above three pieces for The Gypsy Wife, I am planning. The middle is
Little Azalea by Dena, sorry I'm too lazy to check on the other two.

Ok I find this one to be too fun and will be perfect for
An eye spy quilt. It's called, of course, Sew Pretty.

So after dinner last night (did I mention how great it
Is not to have to cook) the shop announced a sale.....
On fat quarters, I got all of the above
At a great price....Yay for fabric sales.....all

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Monday, March 31, 2014

As I said I would

As I write this, we are under a weather watch, again, more snow.
It was almost 70 degrees today. Is that possible?
In my previous post I said I was making a bag out of 
my greys and yellows and I did.
What do you think?
I finished it in an afternoon. It has 8 large grommets, three inside pockets
and one outside pocket that holds my cell phones perfectly.

The inside's pockets are roomy and the continuous strap
pulls the bag shut when you pick it up.
It actually stays shut when I put it down. 
Well, since I made this new bag I had to make a new wallet.
This is the third time I have made this wallet
 (one other for me and one for my sister)
 and I really love it. It is this pattern,
and it comes together really easily. I added a magnetic closure
instead of the suggested snap.


And added three little rickrack flowers to the front.
 The inside has plenty of space and a zipper pouch for
coins. A pocket in front and behind zip. I use the one in
front of the zip pocket for my receipt collection and it has become a good system.

I also, top stitch the card holders for extra stability.

Because of the way the zip pouch goes together you cannot topstitch
so I do a quick hand stitch on it.

Here they are together, posing together for their family picture. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Stash:: #2 Adding new Colors

I was recently corresponding with the talent behind Ants to Sugar about
doing a swap for fabric and she asked for purple or yellow.
I was amazed that when I went to pull said colors
my stash was seriously lacking.
Well what was supposed to do? Deprive my stash of these colors.
Allow it to feel lacking in some way or (eeek) as a sub-par stash? 
 The gray and yellow is from Michael Miller's Lil Plain Jane
A trip to my little quilt shop was in order. Only to discover that
they, also, lacked a lot of yellow and even more so, purple.
I did manage to find a fat quarter of the above print and these
fabulous grays and yellow from Michael Miller.
I immediately cut the latter for a bag I am making.

I share my sewing space with office space in our home,
the office part (a desk) house our main PC that is often in use
by one of the boys in the house. I have declared,  in Scarlet O'Hara fashion that,
Sundays shall be my day.

With the room cleared of boys my plan is to work on
the yellow and grey bag, and maybe a few X and t blocks.
I'd love to hear what your plans are for today!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilty Musings

In honor of my new:: Please Finish tab:: I thought I should have a
go at the X and T block, I am using this tutorial and swapping
 blocks with this talented girl. (Spoiler alert )
However, now that I look at it
I am not sure I like it.

But I am not exactly sure why, the colors maybe, the
mushrooms laying down (cutting error) note to
self....if it says cut on point then perhaps you
should actually cut on point. Ugh

What do you all think? Should I keep it or reject it?
One thing I know; one block in the midst
of a scrappy quilt can meld even if it is uggs-ville on
its own.

Speaking of uggs-ville...
time to begin the quilt for son #3. Ahem.
He is an outdoorsy kinda kid. And loves
all these fabrics. Me not so much.
The dark reds and mustards, pinecones and fish just don't do it for me.
However, I must commence on creating it because it is HIM.

I am not used to working with fabric that I don't love
so it should be an interesting endeavor.

How about you guys? Ever work on something you didn't like but had to finish?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Stash :: Inventory Charmed I'm sure

I thought it would be fun to do a Sunday Stash link up and also
a great way to look at what I have and what I
have purchased.
Shall we take a look at my stack of charm packs.
I love charm packs, they are like a sample
pack of all the great fabrics in a line. But without the commitment.
I usually buy two of them especially if I love them.
But every once in a while I get just one.
This is one of those times but this was a gift
so its not like I can say, "hey gift giver why be
so stingy and only give me one charm pack of this adorable line."
See that sounds really bad so I just said, "oh thank you."
Better, right?
 I fell head over heals for this line the minute I saw it.
I actually have several larger pieces of it that I
can use to make a bigger quilt.
Aneela Hoey is one of my favorite designers,
I love the hand drawn look of her fabrics
and their sweet simplicity.
Finally,I have these two randoms (spell check needs to back off on my use of this word
I know it is not englishly correct (fine neither is englishly) but I like it)
So they are not really so random, on the left is Mod Century
by Jenn Ski and the other single group (another gift) is by Lotta. Yumm
Some useful information to know about pre-cuts.
 I add no other fabrics to 2 charm packs I can make
quite a few crib size quilts- though I think a crib
size is about equal to a lap size.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

As I said I would...

I love a happy ending, I also love an ending that leaves me wanting more.
This quilt achieved the latter.
Everyone who has touched it, cuddled it and curled up with it... wants it.
I wish I could let you feel this quilt.
It is heavy, slightly puffy, so soft and has a great over all texture.  

I am a little sad that the binding is done.
Binding this quilt was so wonderful,
aside from the weight of this quilt being warm and comforting on
my lap as I bound it,
I love the rhythmic repetitive action of
needle to fabric.
I used a thicker poly bat, unlike my usual cotton bat.
Since it is not for me but for my son who craves
tactile sensory experience, I knew it would
be perfect for him. And simply
quilted it to highlight the chevron pattern.
The binding is a mix of solids and a great green effervescent print,
that reminds me of bubbles in champagne, if the champagne
was served aboard the Star Ship Enterprise of which
I know the bubbles would be colorful
effervescent droplets. And I would drink said
champagne with Jon Luke and we would discuss
English literature and interplanetary relations.
I, of course, would be charming
and witty and he would not
be able to help falling madly in
love with me.
Opps, I digress and possibly exposed  too much information about myself,
oh well, we are all friends. 
Right ?
As I type this creation is in the dryer. I am of the sew first
wash later shebang. I love the transformation
after the wash. And can't wait to give it to son #2!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fabric on a Friday...Yes Please

Typically I relish Fridays, end of the work week, two upcoming glorious days
off, time with my family. But but but this Friday is the last day of own Spring Break.
Next week is back to work.
Now before I digress into my own pool of self pity
lets talk about the awesome day I had yesterday
My sister and niece came and rescued me
 (we are done to one car right now)
and we hit the road....first stop was the quilt shop.
Where I picked up the fabrics in the first photo. YAY!
It was just what I needed to get my sewing mojo back.
I had a whole week to do what I love and my machine just sat.
I did clean my space so that was something.

So first the quilt shop then a incredible lunch, followed by
a stop at a bakery to pick up pastries' for the afternoon.
This only gets better....
Because we headed straight to a winery for an afternoon of
wine tasting.
We then picked up some yummy salads
and burgers to grill for dinner.
What a great day with awesome company.
I love these girls so very much.
So today, this last day of break, I vowed to do some making and some eating.
Well someone has to take care of the left overs from

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Cheveron

I can't believe that it has almost been a year, but it has. I have blog making me all accountable.
So, if I must admit it, almost a year ago my, then 13yr old,
son requested a new quilt. We found a fabulous fabric
bundle at He picked it
out and then asked, "can you make it a zigzag pattern".
kehehehe I remember my silly grin as I said chevron
under my breath.  
Then life got in the way and the bundle waited.
Other things were made and the bundle,
oh so patient,
Finally, last summer I cut out the blocks and used
a method I learned at retreat from Jenny of Missouri Quilt Co.
You simply put two squares together and sew the edges,
then cut an X and whoola you have 4
HST's. She has a tutorial on her site.
I talk more of my time with these amazing women
under retreat on the side bar.
So anyway, last Saturday I finished this top at midnight. YAY
My sweet, now 14yr old, requested minky for the back and
I hope to pick that up this weekend.
I am sure I will finish it next winter week.
I am particularly talented at starting a quilt and then
not finishing for a year or two later. Am I the only one with this
amazing skill set?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thrifting and other Happenings

I live in a small town, I mean really small, I work in a town that is only slightly bigger.
Well and it does boast itself as being the corn capitol, so what if there is
a giant cob of corn in the towns park. Even though I would prefer if
it was the worlds biggest ball of twine. But that town is north of me. Bummer, I
guess corn will do.
In any case there are two thrift stores in the town I work in. I frequent them a lot.
Last week I got a pretty good haul of sewing accoutrements. I am
always on the look out for rick that a surprise?
I found quite a bit, some for a bargain at .25 cents as the original
price tag reveals more. Others were inflated from the original .15 cents.
I like to imagine were these treasures came from. A beloved grandmother who used
to sew all her children's clothes. An aunt who lovingly made
things for her nieces because she had all boys.
Or someone like me who can't  resist rescuing sewing supplies and
finally cleaned out their stash. (okay like me in that I like to thrift
sewing supplies, not like me in cleaning out part ewww)
I found a lot of these rings, I use them for hanging quilts or in embroidered menageries like this one.
There were two different kinds, these older ones that read genuine bone rings, 
and the ones below that had the work genuine in quotes but are plastic.
What do they mean by bone and should I be creeped out?
I think that the peachy dealy bobs are for suspenders but I don't really know. I like them
though. Something about there shape and color. they look old.
And finally thread. Love the little wooden Coats and Clark spool, it is pure silk, hmmm.
The blue, green, and yellow threads are Mettler's .
 I find these a lot. They look like they have not
been used and it is quality thread.
The whole reason I went to the thrift pick up some men's shirts for a cozie order for a guy.
What do you think? I like them and was inspired so I will be adding some to the shop.
I made the above cozie as a special order option, I giggle when
I look at the photograph as it reminds me of
cozie meets Glamor shots. It is made from a
rescued sweater and vintage fabric. My sister
snapped it up!

The recipient went with the above as
it was a gift for a photographer.
I suppose if the hot pink one
is a Glamor shot collage then this one
would be a boudoir setting. Hehe

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Hearts Day

I made this scrappy heart several years ago but being Valentines and all
I thought I'd recycle the picture again. It was and easy and fun
project and I still love them. Just fabric tied around
a Styrofoam heart. I used scraps and when I look
at it, each scrap has a quilty memory attached.
Don't you just love that about fabric.
Sewing and quilting for others is so emotional,
at least for me it is.

I was messing around last night after finishing a special order,
and created this slab. The flower fabric is vintage, Yeah Baby,
Oh so 60's. I scored a few yards of it at the thrift, I can tell
it's not 100% cotton but it is really soft. I am not sure if I will continue
making more blocks and create a quilt of it or not.
What do you think?
This is all the information I have on the fabric.
It is a happy fabric though!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I suppose it is sad that that saying never gets old to me.
Any who, Audrey from Hot Pink Quilts is
a winner of the cozie.  She said:
"I've won a few things. FQ bundles, fabric, and most recently, a 12-pack of Aurifil thread!
Everything has always been so lovely.
I think one of my favorites was a customized pouch. It's hot pink and perfect for me. :)"

I recently added an insulated thermos/water
bottle holder to the shop.
They have a side handle and adjustable strap.
I use mine all the time and love it.
Plus, I really love the gnomes!

I must stop posting cozies. But it seems they are all
I have been making lately.
I am really happy with this one.
Months ago, I started a chevron quilt for my son
it is just waiting and I must get back to it.
I am thinking I need a list of the other
things I need to finish. Maybe some accountability is
in order here.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

First sale and a Give Away

So, in around 2006 or something I opened an Etsy shop, I am
sure at the time I had intended to put things in it.
But I didn't. Not that I didn't still make things,
give homemade items as gifts,
or do craft fairs. I did do that.
But alas, the shop remained empty.
Until recently I decided to take the
plunge and put a few of these
coffee cozies in there.
I have had a lot of luck with word of mouth
orders, but am often asked if I have an
online shop.

Now I can answer yes. I wasn't sure if
I'd ever even sell anything because well, a
shop, open that long, with no sales, does
not actually look all that great
to the consumer. I get that.

So you can imagine my excitement
when I received an order. AND
it was from someone I didn't know!!
In celebration of this first sale,
I am giving away the coffee cozie, pictured above.
It is on a grayish cotton with an appliqued
wool felt heart. The button is beautiful, made of
Because I myself, am a little lackadaisical when
it comes to doing stuff for a give away, I thought I'd
make it easy.
Just leave a comment and tell me what
you like to win from blogs. I have won a few things
once it was a gift certificate to an online fabric store, that was
awesome and once some fabric scraps from
Those also rocked. But that is about it.
I'll pick a winner by Friday so I can get it into the mail.
Be sure your name links to an e-mail address.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coffee and Gnomes


My birthday was at the beginning of the month. It was one of the most fun
birthdays I have ever had and it came with a week's worth of surprises and treats.
My epic birthday was perfectly concluded with a package from my sister
containing 3 really fun prints from "Gnome Living" by Robert Kaufman.
I just love them. The Gnomes are really adorable and I already have
a project planned for them.
I also got a great surprise box from this awesome girl during my
birthday week. Look at all the goodies
she sent! That is real vanilla beans
in what looks like a cigar tube. Phone picture...sorry.
I can't tell you how fun this was to open.
She also did an awesome shout
and for
an order that I did for her pre- Christmas.
above picture by Tricia @
The rectangle on the left is a lavender hot/cold pack.
There are more pictures on her Blog.
She does amazing photography work and is a stellar person.
You should check her out!


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