Sunday, January 06, 2008

So the coolest thing is...

...receiving handmade gifts. These have to be my favorite gift in a long time. My Mother in Law made them and I find them so cool. The pattern is from here via sew mama sew. In case you did not see them or know what they are they are hair rollers. How fantastic would I look with these little numbers holding my hair to form curly locks? Not only did she 1-painstakingly make these she 2-used fabulous fabric and 3- completed them with vintage buttons. I know one thing....they are definitely destined for display.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Texas Caviar

This is the yummiest dip!! My sister and I decided we could just eat it with a spoon. I love it so much that I thought I would share. You can adjust the amount of the vegies to your liking, I also like to add cilantro because I love the stuff.

I spent the day cleaning and putting away the Christmas decor. A week later then I like but we have had strep go through almost everyone in our little home and that kept me occupied.

Isn't it amazing how much bigger a room looks after you take down the tree, it isn't up that long yet during the time it is up I get so used to it that I don't think about the space that is missing. Not to me mention all of the do-dads and what-nots that make up the Christmas decor.

Next week will be the first full week back at work and school for us all. Aw-well vacation is never long enough is it? Enjoy the recipe.

Texas Caviar

2- Cans Black eyed peas-drained and rinsed
1- Can green chilies-drained
1-chopped green onion
½- red, green, and yellow pepper, chopped
1- Tomato seeded and chopped
1- Can white shoe peg corn- drained
1- tsp finally chopped garlic
1- Small jalapeƱo pepper chopped (optional)
1- 8 oz bottle of Italian dressing
A grind or two of black pepper

Throw together in a pretty bowl (or a plain maroon one) and serve with chips… Or just a spoon (yes it is that good)

And it is even better the next day!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year New Look

So for a while I have been wanting try Blogger's new template options and what better time then the present. I am still messing around with it and need to replace my links. I would like to know how to put stuff on the left side and how in the heck to size a picture to fit behind the title. I wish I was a bit more blog savvy sheesh I have a hard enough time writing a legible paragraph so I guess I should take it slow. I did add the categories which to took some doing and when I had almost finished painstakingly going into each entry and re-labeling I discovered that blogger had an option that makes it really quick. Hmmm that is just not my way I guess!! So this site like my life is just a little work in progress......ahhhh what other way is there?


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