Friday, September 30, 2011

Fridays are for Show and Tell

First I will show you my owls (the before is in the previous post)... Rupert, Roberta and the twins, and Ralph in their new duds all ready for fall. I do think they look smart. (yup I said smart)

I also mentioned, previously, that I was doing a craft show.....

Fall coasters make me happy, I created these but when they were done (sans their frilly necks) I was a bit scowly about their look. It so happened that a wad of excess thread happily descended upon their stems and I was all giddy about their new look and quickly sewed new tresses on all of their throats!

What do you think?

And then I created some simple leaf coasters but feel they look plain Jane in comparison.

Speaking of coasters..... these are in progress but whoa, I love how they are looking.
I may have gotten coasted carried away with these! I will share the other treats that are up my sleeve next week.


September Reveiw

Over a month...REALLY????
The month of September has flown by on wings. Thank you for your encouraging comments on my last post,  it is amazing what a little support does for a girl. As for my tests.....I passed my middle school concentration with flying colors....Argh but did not pass the math, I did better then last time by 15 points but not enough. I did hear that they are lowering the required score in October, we will see. As for September....

Retro after school snacks for the boys

Seed collection for next year

The above are these giant marigolds, I have not always been a fan of marigolds but have come to appreciate both their resilience and ability to ward off predators of the garden, not to mention their deep and varying color (I have a lot of these seeds if anyone would like some shoot me an e-mail)

A little thrifting for fall- I will post the after later

Lilli playing college ball in her sophomore year= road trip for me

Ginormous tomato that dwarfs the toast of my all time favorite sandwich.... that tomato was divine... I had two of the yum.
I have, YEAH, subbed quite a bit this month and between that have been working on items for an October craft show. My first since the 90's yikes. perhaps I will even be so smart to photograph my creations before the sale. Perhaps.
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