Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Love Spring

What do you do when a cute splish splash boot gets too small and its mate decides to split? (shoes and boots seem to have minds of their own around here, how do my kids always seem to loose one:: Where is Nancy Drew when I need her?)

Use it as a planter of course. I strongly believe in reduction of waste which marries nicely with my theory that if it can hold dirt it can be planted.

Could I offer you a nice cup of geraniums to go with your boot?


Roxanne said...

Ha! I love it!! The tea cup is adorable. Did you have to put drainage holes in your boot? What a great use for old stuff!

Natasha said...

Roxanne~There actually was a small break in the side...ready made drainage.. Plus I filled the bottom with rocks and used crumpled paper for drainage.

Leigh Ann said...

I did the same thing with my kids boots. They line the stairs up to the back door. So cute!

Love the tea cup in the pot. Genius!

Cheers! LA

Valérie said...

so creative !!!

jessi said...

Yes - I am one of those lurkers. I have only been lurking (and enjoying your blog) for a couple of weeks though.

Felicia said...

I love what you did with the boot! Reminds me of another boot ;) I've always wanted to try planting a few hens and chicks in an old boot but haven't ever run across just the right one. Yours is adorable :)


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