Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bringing home strays

So - I have two rescued dogs and now a stack of rescued books. Our school library was weeding out old books. Far be it from me to leave a stray anything, besides look at the illustrations in Faint George.

Then I just had to know the Party ABC's, do not be surprised if one of these days you receive an invitation from Sewing Sally, complete with buttons sewn to the corners-as advised in the book. It also reminds you of the fun of drinking ginger ale through a colored straw- which I personally think makes it taste better.

You may sew or crochet or embroider
or knit.
You may patch, darn or mend or
just chatter and sit.
You may sew a fine seam or make
a dress fit.
whatever you do, please come and
do it.


Felicia said...

Looks like you grabbed some treasures! I used that Bread Dough Craft book many times as a kid. :)

Anina said...

How fun! I love the little poem.

Katie Jean said...

How cute. I love that little invitation!

Valerie said...

Will you find enough time to read this big pile ?!!! ;) I, too, have a collection of old (they say vintage, now, I think !) children books. They take me back in time, to an era of a slower pace, where things seemed easier and the good would always win ! If there's any French magazine or anything (flat pack) you'd like to swap, feel free to drop me a line ! and thanks for your kind words !

amandajean said...

what a lovely stack of treasures that you rescued....the sewing sally piece is great.

Storybook Woods said...

Ohh old childrens book, my favorit subject. I know "Stories and verses for children' is a very Charlotte Mason book. Enjoy them. Clarice

Rebecca said...

These are wonderful! I would scan the pictures in and use them in paper crafting. :)

kirsten said...

nice score! oh, how i LOVE old books!


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