Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shabby Chic:::No More

So after days of scraping, sanding and sweating, gone is the shabby chic exterior...

...welcome clean, crisp and gray/ blue. I adore this color, it is crisper in person but the sun was not in my favor when I took the picture. The white looks really white and beautiful against the blue. It reminds me of a house that should be ocean side instead of landlocked. I asked my neighbors if they minded if I flooded the middle of our block for a lake but they were apposed... The nerve- some people have no sense of adventure. Ah well. We are hoping to get the shutters back up tonight but we are having company so we will see. I made this bread to go with spaghetti carbonara and a dark chocolate cake.

Oh yeah- I did do this lovely piece of patchwork over the weekend..see how neat the sashing is... and if you look really close you can see some little pleating I did!

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Anina said...

Do you have a pattern for that patchwork? The blue sashing is to die for!

SierraMoon said...

the color is great !!!
is that a pair of shutters on the first picture ?

Linda said...

Lovely bit of patchwork! :) Seriously, it does look a lot better now and I'm sure that you are glad to be done with that.

t. little said...

I love it! Although, I was a bit partial to the shabby chic, myself. ;-)

Judy said...

It looks so nice...Do you have the shutters up ? Wish I could see it in person.. Miss all of you..


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