Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That nagging little voice in my head.....

I have been busy with my sociology class this last week. As one class comes to an end another one begins. What this meant for me is that I had a mountain of homework over the weekend. One of the things I had to do was to write a final for my sociology class on immigration. Okay I know a little about that and did a bit of research...great. So I sit down Saturday morning to write....and nothing....and then nothing more... I was stuck. I wrote a few sentences that were horrible and took a break. I have a couple of books that contain short stories so I thought that maybe doing some reading would help. I read a little, researched a little. Yup- this will work I poured another cup of coffee, faced my laptop, pulled up my APA formatted paper and......umm nothing.... OMG. I. can. not. express how frustrated I became. The clock ticked away mocking my inability to complete a full proper sentence, to express a single thought.

I have never fancied myself to have excellent writing skills- adequate yes. I have been at the college thing for three years now you would think I would have picked up something-yes? No! apparently it was all for not, because I could not put more then three sentences together for two whole days. I think I broke the spell... at least a little... yesterday I was able to pull out several paragraphs- not cohesive but paragraphs all the same. Ahem, this experience has rocked my self-esteem and left me feeling scared and anxious. That nagging little voice of self-doubt seems to have had a its fill and is now spewing all its negativity into my consciousness.

So there you have it....that is where I am at this week- I hope that those who visit here are having a better experiences.!!

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Trish said...

Writers block is so much fun. I had that once when I had to write a paper about the Argentinian Dirty War...It was horrible. Took me almost a week of sitting at the computer for at least two hours to come up with a measly seven pages. Somehow, I managed to pull an A from in there somewhere, an amazing feat when the paper was finished at 3am the morning before it was due. (Professor was blind, I think she took pitty on me.) Thus is the life of a college student, good for you! :-)

jessi said...

I didn't know you were going to school. I'm excited to hear that because I'm going back to school starting in the fall. Do you go full time or part? I'll be part time and all at night, but I worry about what it will do to my crafting time!

jessi said...

I lied - I did know you were going to school - you talk about it all the time! What was I thinking? did I mention I'm working on about two hours of sleep today?


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