Lost but not forgotten

It has been a long time, old space of mine, and so much has happened.
The biggest thing is that I have the honor of being a classroom teacher for the first time.
That in itself has taken much of my time and energy. I so love it!

New Dog  insisted on being in this photo, apparently Used Dog wasn't interested.
Because I live in the frozen tundra, school was closed today.
What better way to feel warm than a quilty post.
I did accomplish some things in the last few months.
 The above quilt for one.
 Inspired from this book, which I love,
it is much like the quilt on the cover of the book and so easy.
Every piece of it is a scrap.
And every scrap is a favorite.
I can look at it and I remember things made and who they were made for...
slippers (slips) for a beloved nieces wedding, a bag for a friend,
I bound it in a gray dot. Notice the gushers wrapper in the chair?
Well, I didn't until I put the picture up.
 Teenagers and their refusal to use modern conveniences such as the garbage can.
 I decided to use the picture anyway, it makes me giggle.

 Quilt without said dog.

The back.
 I used fabric from my stash in soft purples.
 The check is actually 17 years old
wow it sounds older now that I put it in print.
Kinda gives new meaning to the term stash. Yikes.
It is in one of my son's baby quilts from my sister.
A.Mazing how fabric holds up.
Sometime this fall I got a box from my mom with this fabric and pattern in it.
Also, a note that said she would like it made up for her for Christmas.
Perfect. Moms get harder and harder to shop for. Especially
when they don't need anything. Funny enough, she forgot
all about it and was somewhat surprised. Haha

 Lastly, I made these casserole carriers for my three sisters
for Christmas.

There is a spoon holder on the top. They are pretty quick to sew once
you get the hang of it plus, the tutorial is awesome.
 I would like one for myself now.


Jenn said…
Wow - I think you've been very busy making pretty things. Looks like you're off to a great start in this new year. : )
Amy said…
I love your scrap quilt!!! I have a very old one made by a great-great-grandmother and it is from scraps as well. I wish she were here to tell me all of the things the strips are from! Such history. And now yours is one too. Awesome :)
Yay, glad to see you're back in action!! Loving all those great colors...!