Yard Saleing 90's style

It was odd to see a sign for a garage sale on a Sunday. That is rare around these parts, but there it was. Troy had already stopped on his way home and in his great wisdom, knew that I would love it, so we headed back. The best part was the prices...wow... it reminded me of when I was in my late teens and would hit the sales every weekend with a few deal lovin friends.

Fire King bowls .75

Square Melmac dishes $3 for a zillion of them

Glass Salt and Pepper shakers $.50 each

Blue flowered fire king $.50
Pretty in fuchsia tea cups and flowered dish $.15

3 vintage pillow cases $.25 each

Shoe stretchers $1.00

Basket of brayers $.25 (can't say I love the basket though)

All together the total including a new light fixture for the boys room $9.75
Now what in the world am I going to do with all this Melmac?


Valerie said…
great hunt !!!
I'm absolutely in love with the "square set" !!!
Anina said…
Wow, that was a treasure of a garage sale! And on a Sunday!
Allison said…
Hi Natasha, a fun day of yardsaling you had. I love all the Fireking. My mom has some with the blue flowers - kind of catapults a person back in time when they see stuff they grew up with. Thanks for visiting me today - I haven't made a purchase yet, but those Wellies sure are fun. Hope you're doing well!

Tara said…
Oh, I would LOVE to find some of the white dishes with the blue flower offset on it. My grandparents have the entire set and seeing them remind me of summers spent at their house.
amandajean said…
wow. wow. wow!!! those prices are fantastic!!!! I can hardly believe it. I love the square set of Melmac dishes.
Judy said…
Great stuff Tasha....I love the square dishes....I remember the days of melmac...they were so light.. much better than what came after it.. ironstone...all it was good for was chipping !! It was a great yard sale. !! Miss you all so much. !!
Raesha D said…
Holy moley! Those are some awesome finds. The salt and pepper shakers remind me of a man I see ALL over town at garage sales....his first question at each garage sale is "do you have any glass salt and pepper shakers"...Hubby said next time we have a garage sale we should go to Goodwill and buy a whole box just so we can answer "YES"!!!
norththreads said…
Thanks so much for popping by!! Oh my gosh-what to do with all that melmac........well sell it to me of course!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
Luv all your treasures!!!!!
Felicia said…
Wow, you picked up so very lovely bargains! I've got the sheets to match that beautiful white with flowers pillowcase you bought. Love that vintage look.
Sarah and Jack said…
I have been picking up melmac to use for camping trips and picnics. I store it in the picnic basket so it is always ready to go.
Mom2fur said…
My mother actually had those Fire King bowls when I was growing up. I'm thinking 1970s?
Thanks for being one of the eleven people who visit my blog. I hope you got the CVS deal, LOL!
BTW, your prize is in a package, ready to go to the Post Office. I hope to have it out by Thursday!
jessi said…
Not sure what you'll do with the melmac, but I love it too!
Suzie Sews said…
WOW I love it all
Suzie Sews
Becca said…
ooweee...you found some pretty things. I have been a Fire King/pyrex magnet recently. What am I gonna do with all of it? I just started up Thrifty Thursdays over at my blog. Feel free to check it out and leave a link back to your finds. I love the melmac!
linda t said…
Oh Natasha!! I love everything!!! Everything!!
WOW! The square melmac set is awesome!! I have never seen anything like it before!
And the vintage pillow cases are sooo pretty... love the pattern!
I have missed thrifting while in CO... but we did hit a few yard sales on the way back to Phx... I hope to post my finds soon. I have to adjust to this heat!! I sure miss the cool mountain weather!