Aborigine or Ab-Original?

On my to-do list this summer is cleaning out our garage which is full of the contents from this event oh so long ago. (I promise there will come a time when I will stop going back to this) Maybe, anyway-cleaning out the garage- well you know what happens when you have a rift in the order of the things....It starts out all well and good and things were put in the garage in a semi orderly fashion and then you need something and you dig -just a little- and pretty soon the rift become a chasm and the chasm becomes a black hole. That is the state of our garage- a giant black hole that seems to multiply junk. So I decided to clean it out. Now my boys have de-junk glasses and only see treasures, a point you can see in the new hair style of my son. And dress up clothes from days gone by, well just make them fit in a new way. Oh and paint your face with mud cuz that is how they used to do it!!!

Posted by PicasaNow that bow he is sporting and the cardboard axe above where both created from the mind of his brother (Nolan). The bow is a stick and twine and would you believe it actually works really well? One time I bought Nolan a roll of electrical tape and he was the happiest little boy ever!!