Swapping "Goodness"

First sorry about the poor pictures, this camera really needs more natural sunlight then today is offering.
I did a "mini" (literaly) with Rebecca and just look at what she sent me!! A little party in a box.

I wish these pictures were better because everything is so cute. She even included wrapping paper!! The hats are so sweet and look at the ribbon spools!!

The cake is from Turkey Feathers I am such a spaz that I feel like it was made by Martha herself. (I would rather have this mini one) My little piece of fame. If you have not seen what they make you have to look because my pictures do not do this cake justice!! Thank you so much Rebecca you out-did yourself!

Shay, thanks for clearing up: why hang a skirt overnight before you hem? Shay said in the comments for those interested....
"Skirts that are not cut on the straight of grain, IE that have bias or half-bias seams, need to "hang out" (no pun intended) to allow any residual droopiness to appear before they are hemmed." Thanks so much and I waited and hemmed it and there is no droopiness!!

Roxanne: I actually made the Garden bag for my sister's birthday, so no I won't be using it in the garden. But how chic would I look gardening with that bag? You know in case BH&G happened to be driving by to photograph me.

Our flooring is half in-in our lower level if you remember our flood so long ago. The whole process is taking longer then we'd like, but when you do your own work that is what happens. So I still have no place to sew and most of my stuff is in boxes in the garage. I have managed to drag out a fair amount that has multiplied in our living room.

On the note of things in disarray I thought I would list all the things in disarray (okay they are downright broken) right now:

1. Both washers (yes I have two) are not working- one leaks and the other just spins-no agitation- which is agitating to me
2. Both dryers: One is apart awaiting new parts and the other takes three years to dry a load (slight exageration but you get the point)
3.Stove: Only two burners work-the other two have been replaced once already and they just fizzle out.
4. Vacuum: The dirt bucket part is held on by packing tape which has to be replaced each time I empty it and yesterday the plastic deal that holds the wand thingy broke- I guess it wanted to be taped on like the bucket. Sheesh I hate plastic.
5. The letters: L and V and the space bar on my laptop have lost there keys and they are really hard to get back on properly once they pop off. It is so hard to type like this... You have push harder on these spaces to get them to work.

So whah whah for me I am going to go have a pity party for myself with my new miniature party supplies!!


Anina said…
Fun stuff!
Isn't it funny how things always seem to wait and then pack up all at the same time? Well, maybe not so funny...
Anonymous said…
Hum, lots of major appliances is disrepair. Is the repair man your husband? If so and he is anything like my husband you'd be better off going to the library and looking for the Time Life Home Repair and Improvement series and studying up! LOL Just teasing. :)

I'm totally loving your lovely swap items :)
jessica said…
Such fun stuff an such disarray - a pity party seems just the thing!
linda t said…
Natasha, I just posted about you and the package I got from your drawing!! Oh my gosh! You are tooo sweet! Thank you, thank you! Love it ALL!!!
Rebecca said…
I'm so glad you liked everything! It was fun trying to come up with mini items to make. I was stumped at first but then the ideas were flowing! I really need to get my doll house together, I have a few more ideas for mini things. :)

Doesn't it always seem like everything breaks at once? Ugh.

And your bag is totally BH&G worthy!!
Sarah and Jack said…
The part that makes your washing machine agitate is actually very easy to replace. (assuming it is an old fashioned top loader.) You can google the directions, the parts are cheap. They are called agitator feed dogs (or something like that).

The dryer that doesn't heat probably needs a new coil, also not too hard and pretty cheap. You can also google up some directions for that job.

We fix a lot of things ourselves, can you tell?
Great looking swap & Im loving your bag & skirt!!!
Mom2fur said…
If I had all that going wrong with my stuff, I'd want a pity party, too! I'm glad you got that cute box so you can smile about something. But at least you can go to the laundry mat and cook on a barbecue. The vacuum sounds like a lost cause...time to get a new one? As far as the keyboard...well, would a tiny bit of WD40 on the keys help?