A question and my Husbands amazing talent

Okay first I am a Mozilla user, mainly because I like the ability to use tabs while browsing, my husband uses Explorer. I have found that some sites actually work better in explorer so I use it on a need to basis. The other day I opened up my blog in explorer and it was totally whack- the links and sidebar was all on the very bottom. I checked other blogger blogs and they did not have this problem. Does anyone know why this would be, does my blog look like that on your browser and how do I fix it? I would really appreciate any input.

Now on to my husband..... Soon we should have the last of the flooring in our lower level, this has been a long process since the great flood, as some of you know. We decided to put in hardwood laminate in the entry, landing and family room. We have been on the look out for a large room rug to cover up {go figure} the said flooring after it is installed. If you ever look at rugs they are pricey at east to us they are, especially on that doesn't feel like glorified sand paper on your tootsies.

Enter my husband who called my Friday from a garage sale to tell me he found a rug for downstairs and should he buy it? Getting a phone call from my husband at a garage sale is not new to me, in fact last Saturday when I graduated I realized 10 minutes from home that I left my weekend clothes on our bed. Troy had to go back alone to get them and I went on ahead with my mom. I worried that he may never make it to graduation because there would be too many sales on the way to tempt him and no one to keep him focused. Back to my point I totally trust his taste and he knows me well enough what I like besides I thought the laundry room
could always use a new rug if it is bad. BUT look what he came home with for ten dollars a piece,

not one but three......Gosh I love that man!!


Leigh Ann said…
Oh, what a man! I think he's a keeper. :)
Judy said…
Wow,, what a guy... he must have a smart and talented mom...
Felicia said…
What a truly groovy husband! Great taste and a bargain to boot. Awesome :)

Your blog looks ok to me and I use Mozilla too.
Valerie said…
your husband is a great "shopper" !

Other than that, i'm an AOL user, so I don't use any of the 2 you mentioned... sorry can't help there !