La Favorite

Favorite quilt shows off.....

Favorite quilt with used dog

Favorite quilt showing off it's binding

Favorite quilt in formal attire

Favorite quilt relaxed & ready for jammies

I finished this girl last March, putting in the final piece work at retreat. When all was said and done my lovely friend Rita offered to quilt it for me. One more lovely piece to the beautiful story behind this gem. 

It all started on a blustery winter day (I made that up- well the blustery and winter part) anyway, I was hanging out with or perhaps talking to my  Tricia and we both had fallen in love with this quilt. It was somewhere in the depths of 2014. Egads that is a while ago. What we came up with was that we would each make the proper amount of blocks and then swap half with each other. We then ended with a quilt dappled in each of our personalities and love. 

So, that happened. 

We swapped blocks old school one balmy Easter weekend (that is true, well at least it was close to Easter and a weekend) and I am most certain she finished hers a week or maybe a year before i did. Could have been two years. Regardless, I finished on a blizzardy day in March - it actually was, I was almost snowed in at retreat. Bummer right? 

I couldn't believe how lucky i was to have Rita quilt this for me. Seriously there is no way i could have gotten the same result she did. She ooozes talent. I marvel at the beautiful work she did and love love love this quilt even more because of it. 

So now it is my favorite.