Sunday Stash :: Okoboji Retreat Edition

As I write this I am sitting in a large room surrounded by windows, I hear the whir of machines diligently humming away. My own machine anxiously awaits.

I am posting from my IPad which, honestly presents some 
challenges, but I think I'm getting it. 
There is 2 sewing stations and two tables between myself and 
the Shop, a quilt shop shares the same room I sew in. Sponsored by
                           The Quilted Forest..... This also presents challenges, such as staying away. 
I picked up the above three pieces for The Gypsy Wife, I am planning. The middle is
Little Azalea by Dena, sorry I'm too lazy to check on the other two.

Ok I find this one to be too fun and will be perfect for
An eye spy quilt. It's called, of course, Sew Pretty.

So after dinner last night (did I mention how great it
Is not to have to cook) the shop announced a sale.....
On fat quarters, I got all of the above
At a great price....Yay for fabric sales.....all

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Love your selections. I too post occasionally from my iPad sew I get what you. are saying about challenges!
Marlynne said…
The Gypsy Wife Quilt sure sounds interesting!
Cathy Daniel said…
Your fabrics are gorgeous and ... posting from your iPad? That would be a real challenge for me as I don't even have one .... yet!! xCathy