Sunday Stash :: Inventory Charmed I'm sure

I thought it would be fun to do a Sunday Stash link up and also
a great way to look at what I have and what I
have purchased.
Shall we take a look at my stack of charm packs.
I love charm packs, they are like a sample
pack of all the great fabrics in a line. But without the commitment.
I usually buy two of them especially if I love them.
But every once in a while I get just one.
This is one of those times but this was a gift
so its not like I can say, "hey gift giver why be
so stingy and only give me one charm pack of this adorable line."
See that sounds really bad so I just said, "oh thank you."
Better, right?
 I fell head over heals for this line the minute I saw it.
I actually have several larger pieces of it that I
can use to make a bigger quilt.
Aneela Hoey is one of my favorite designers,
I love the hand drawn look of her fabrics
and their sweet simplicity.
Finally,I have these two randoms (spell check needs to back off on my use of this word
I know it is not englishly correct (fine neither is englishly) but I like it)
So they are not really so random, on the left is Mod Century
by Jenn Ski and the other single group (another gift) is by Lotta. Yumm
Some useful information to know about pre-cuts.
 I add no other fabrics to 2 charm packs I can make
quite a few crib size quilts- though I think a crib
size is about equal to a lap size.
Linking up with Mollie Sparkles' Sunday Stash which is being hosted this
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Lorna McMahon said…
Oh, yay! Those are all great picks. Love that the charm packs give you a little of each in such a sweet package. And yes, one charm pack as a gift still beats chocolates!
Kacey said…
I haven't bought charm packs lately, although now I may need to change that!
Tina Craig said…
Lovey dovey is adorable. I hadn't seen that before. I usually don't mind cutting fabric for a quilt, but when I use precuts, it always surprises me how much time it saves.
DaisyLiz said…
I agree! Charm packs are all the fun without all the commitment. I tried to unload a half yard of MoMo's Oh Deer in the fabric destash. If you think you might like it to piece into backing or as binding for whatever you used your charms, I'd be happy to trade it for two fq's from your stash.
memmens said…
Lovely selection of charm packs, I'm not very good at using mine, even worse at using mini charms!
Julie Mylander said…
Great stash of charm packs! Thanks for the info about how many rolls and charms it takes. Very useful!
Katherine said…
Awesome selection of charm packs! I find them so addictive and love buying them as a way to sample a line before buying yardage.
Anonymous said…
Fun stuff! I'd always wished I'd bought some of that Momo line, but for some reason I never did. Fun prints, anyway!

I also really like Comma, but only ever bought a couple mini-charm packs. They sort of feel a bit useless, but I couldn't resist.