Fabric on a Friday...Yes Please

Typically I relish Fridays, end of the work week, two upcoming glorious days
off, time with my family. But but but this Friday is the last day of own Spring Break.
Next week is back to work.
Now before I digress into my own pool of self pity
lets talk about the awesome day I had yesterday
My sister and niece came and rescued me
 (we are done to one car right now)
and we hit the road....first stop was the quilt shop.
Where I picked up the fabrics in the first photo. YAY!
It was just what I needed to get my sewing mojo back.
I had a whole week to do what I love and my machine just sat.
I did clean my space so that was something.

So first the quilt shop then a incredible lunch, followed by
a stop at a bakery to pick up pastries' for the afternoon.
This only gets better....
Because we headed straight to a winery for an afternoon of
wine tasting.
We then picked up some yummy salads
and burgers to grill for dinner.
What a great day with awesome company.
I love these girls so very much.
So today, this last day of break, I vowed to do some making and some eating.
Well someone has to take care of the left overs from


Kathryn said…
Sounds like a great start to your weekend! Enjoy the fabric and wine! :)
Oh, yay! It was such a great day, I'm glad I was able to make it!