As I said I would

As I write this, we are under a weather watch, again, more snow.
It was almost 70 degrees today. Is that possible?
In my previous post I said I was making a bag out of 
my greys and yellows and I did.
What do you think?
I finished it in an afternoon. It has 8 large grommets, three inside pockets
and one outside pocket that holds my cell phones perfectly.

The inside's pockets are roomy and the continuous strap
pulls the bag shut when you pick it up.
It actually stays shut when I put it down. 
Well, since I made this new bag I had to make a new wallet.
This is the third time I have made this wallet
 (one other for me and one for my sister)
 and I really love it. It is this pattern,
and it comes together really easily. I added a magnetic closure
instead of the suggested snap.


And added three little rickrack flowers to the front.
 The inside has plenty of space and a zipper pouch for
coins. A pocket in front and behind zip. I use the one in
front of the zip pocket for my receipt collection and it has become a good system.

I also, top stitch the card holders for extra stability.

Because of the way the zip pouch goes together you cannot topstitch
so I do a quick hand stitch on it.

Here they are together, posing together for their family picture. 


Heather Lipelt said…
Love it!!!!! Totally adorable. You rock. Kenneth says hi.
Wow--that came together quickly!! Awesome! Gray and yellow...together, like they always should be. ;-)