As I said I would...

I love a happy ending, I also love an ending that leaves me wanting more.
This quilt achieved the latter.
Everyone who has touched it, cuddled it and curled up with it... wants it.
I wish I could let you feel this quilt.
It is heavy, slightly puffy, so soft and has a great over all texture.  

I am a little sad that the binding is done.
Binding this quilt was so wonderful,
aside from the weight of this quilt being warm and comforting on
my lap as I bound it,
I love the rhythmic repetitive action of
needle to fabric.
I used a thicker poly bat, unlike my usual cotton bat.
Since it is not for me but for my son who craves
tactile sensory experience, I knew it would
be perfect for him. And simply
quilted it to highlight the chevron pattern.
The binding is a mix of solids and a great green effervescent print,
that reminds me of bubbles in champagne, if the champagne
was served aboard the Star Ship Enterprise of which
I know the bubbles would be colorful
effervescent droplets. And I would drink said
champagne with Jon Luke and we would discuss
English literature and interplanetary relations.
I, of course, would be charming
and witty and he would not
be able to help falling madly in
love with me.
Opps, I digress and possibly exposed  too much information about myself,
oh well, we are all friends. 
Right ?
As I type this creation is in the dryer. I am of the sew first
wash later shebang. I love the transformation
after the wash. And can't wait to give it to son #2!!


Jessica Hadden said…
Awesome finish!
Oh, my gosh! That turned out beautifully!!! Son #2 is super lucky...and I can't believe you finished it in days. Seriously. Teach me your ways, oh wise one.

{P.S. Cracked up hard about the Star Ship paragraph. Hahaha....awesome.}