Thrifting and other Happenings

I live in a small town, I mean really small, I work in a town that is only slightly bigger.
Well and it does boast itself as being the corn capitol, so what if there is
a giant cob of corn in the towns park. Even though I would prefer if
it was the worlds biggest ball of twine. But that town is north of me. Bummer, I
guess corn will do.
In any case there are two thrift stores in the town I work in. I frequent them a lot.
Last week I got a pretty good haul of sewing accoutrements. I am
always on the look out for rick that a surprise?
I found quite a bit, some for a bargain at .25 cents as the original
price tag reveals more. Others were inflated from the original .15 cents.
I like to imagine were these treasures came from. A beloved grandmother who used
to sew all her children's clothes. An aunt who lovingly made
things for her nieces because she had all boys.
Or someone like me who can't  resist rescuing sewing supplies and
finally cleaned out their stash. (okay like me in that I like to thrift
sewing supplies, not like me in cleaning out part ewww)
I found a lot of these rings, I use them for hanging quilts or in embroidered menageries like this one.
There were two different kinds, these older ones that read genuine bone rings, 
and the ones below that had the work genuine in quotes but are plastic.
What do they mean by bone and should I be creeped out?
I think that the peachy dealy bobs are for suspenders but I don't really know. I like them
though. Something about there shape and color. they look old.
And finally thread. Love the little wooden Coats and Clark spool, it is pure silk, hmmm.
The blue, green, and yellow threads are Mettler's .
 I find these a lot. They look like they have not
been used and it is quality thread.
The whole reason I went to the thrift pick up some men's shirts for a cozie order for a guy.
What do you think? I like them and was inspired so I will be adding some to the shop.
I made the above cozie as a special order option, I giggle when
I look at the photograph as it reminds me of
cozie meets Glamor shots. It is made from a
rescued sweater and vintage fabric. My sister
snapped it up!

The recipient went with the above as
it was a gift for a photographer.
I suppose if the hot pink one
is a Glamor shot collage then this one
would be a boudoir setting. Hehe


Marlynne said…
I look for bits of lace, trim and notions too! I went to an estate sale today and got a dust mop for a $1.00, was thrilled!
Glinda ♥ said…
What a treasure trove of bits n pieces you found! I love shopping outings like this :)
Jessica Hadden said…
We must be twins separated by several thousand miles of thrift. I live in a small town. There were 2 roosters roaming the Jiffy parking lot this a.m that's how I know! I live to thrift sewing notions and bits to alter at the mac
Jessica Hadden said…
I did not get to finish my comment! I do understand the thrill of the thrift that's the bottomline! ;)
Vera said…
I love rick racks too, who doesn't really :-)
What a treasure trove...I love your mug warmers....