Happy Hearts Day

I made this scrappy heart several years ago but being Valentines and all
I thought I'd recycle the picture again. It was and easy and fun
project and I still love them. Just fabric tied around
a Styrofoam heart. I used scraps and when I look
at it, each scrap has a quilty memory attached.
Don't you just love that about fabric.
Sewing and quilting for others is so emotional,
at least for me it is.

I was messing around last night after finishing a special order,
and created this slab. The flower fabric is vintage, Yeah Baby,
Oh so 60's. I scored a few yards of it at the thrift, I can tell
it's not 100% cotton but it is really soft. I am not sure if I will continue
making more blocks and create a quilt of it or not.
What do you think?
This is all the information I have on the fabric.
It is a happy fabric though!


Jessica Hadden said…
I love your scrappy heart! Yes, fabric has the ability to transport us through memory! Textile travel! I also love your improvosational block with the vintage fabric, don't stop!!! Scoring fabric at the thrift store is oh so fun!
Oooo...I super dig the vib of the thrifted fabric!!! Hearts are always a good choice, too. Love checking out your blog...it makes my heart happy!