First sale and a Give Away

So, in around 2006 or something I opened an Etsy shop, I am
sure at the time I had intended to put things in it.
But I didn't. Not that I didn't still make things,
give homemade items as gifts,
or do craft fairs. I did do that.
But alas, the shop remained empty.
Until recently I decided to take the
plunge and put a few of these
coffee cozies in there.
I have had a lot of luck with word of mouth
orders, but am often asked if I have an
online shop.

Now I can answer yes. I wasn't sure if
I'd ever even sell anything because well, a
shop, open that long, with no sales, does
not actually look all that great
to the consumer. I get that.

So you can imagine my excitement
when I received an order. AND
it was from someone I didn't know!!
In celebration of this first sale,
I am giving away the coffee cozie, pictured above.
It is on a grayish cotton with an appliqued
wool felt heart. The button is beautiful, made of
Because I myself, am a little lackadaisical when
it comes to doing stuff for a give away, I thought I'd
make it easy.
Just leave a comment and tell me what
you like to win from blogs. I have won a few things
once it was a gift certificate to an online fabric store, that was
awesome and once some fabric scraps from
Those also rocked. But that is about it.
I'll pick a winner by Friday so I can get it into the mail.
Be sure your name links to an e-mail address.


Marlynne said…
Good for you trying your hand at Etsy. I've thought about it but don't know what all is involved. Is there an expense to getting started? How about how people pay for an item? Thanks for paying a visit to my blogs too!
Amy said…
Congratulations!! That takes a lot of moxie and you are being rewarded for it. Hope your online shop continues to grow!
audrey said…
Congrats on your first sale! That's so exciting! I have people ask me a lot if I have an online shop, and I always say no because it seems so daunting. That means this is even more awesome for you! I hope everything continues to grow.

I've won a few things. FQ bundles, fabric, and most recently, a 12-pack of Aurifil thread! Everything has always been so lovely. I think one of my favorites was a customized pouch. It's hot pink and perfect for me. :)
Jessica Hadden said…
Cute cozy! Congrats on your etsy business!
Jenn : ) said…
Congrats on getting your Etsy shop up and running, and getting your first sale (from a new customer).
Your chenille coffee cozy is my favorite.
Best of luck. : )