Tea and Cozies

A few years ago I decided that Saturday tea time should be a thing at our house.
I started small, with just myself, tea cups, and a few treats.
One of my sons, then 11 was intrigued by the goodies I made.
I told him he had to join me to have any
and Saturday tea time was born.
If you make it they will come.
Now my boys are all well into their teenage
years and look forward to this by-monthly event. Sometimes it is
every Saturday and sometimes not.

Last Saturday, after a late breakfast, tea became the mid day meal.
Of course it was a hit.
I loved the picture above as the owls and bear all seem to be looking at the same thing.
A post ago I was mentioned an order I was working on for more
coffee cozies.
I received a few more orders since then.
 I am almost done with them, but have so much fun creating them.
I added a few more to the shop.
I should have mentioned that this was a cozie heavy post.


audrey said…
This is SO cool. I want to attend a Saturday tea! :) And I love to hear that your boys get involved. I have little little boys now, but I hope when they are older they will have tea with me too! :)
Glinda ♥ said…
What a wonderful treat for you and your boys, what special memories you're making together :)
Lisa said…
Natasha, thanks for visiting my blog.
What a spread you have for tea! Oh, my mouth is watering..... :)
It's a lovely tradition.
I want to have a tea party so bad!!! I laughed out loud at the image with the owls and bear...what ARE they looking at?! :-) and all the cozies!!! Wow, you've been crazy busy!!!!
Marlynne said…
What a special tradition! And that your boys like it too, even better!