Coffee Cozies

Happy Monday! We have been tucked
away in the warmth of our house
avoiding the sub zero (as in -40 wind chill) temps
Before Christmas I made a few of these
coffee cozies for a silent auction.
The next thing I knew a co-worker
ordered 10 of them from me for
Christmas. Yay.
Much to my surprise she came back
and said a recipient of one of the
cozies wants to order 16.
Perfect weather to begin the making of them
and photograph a
few that are in my
We also had a fantastic house guest for the weekend
who was kind enough to school me in 
the art of better picture taking. what do you think?
Not to mention that she brought us
 a -new to us- couch and
love seat that we have all been loving
to lounge on all weekend. Again Whoot.   


Beth said…
I have yet to make one of these! I love how yours turned out!
Great pics! And I love that embroidery hoop pocketed tool caddy you have in your year-in-review mosaic - cute!
Glinda ♥ said…
Such pretty little things and your photos turned out great :)
Yay--i love this post!! :-D