Handmade for Christmas Roundup

While hiding in the warmth of my home avoiding the sub zero temperatures outside
I thought it might be a good time to up date on what I made for Christmas this year.
I had two lists of projects I wanted to make.
 One was my Optimistic list and the other was my Realistic list.
Typically, I worked off the latter and still did not finish all that I wanted.
My favorite finish is the first picture.
The lovely recipient is my oldest, only and dearest daughter.
I used the Missouri Star 5.5 tumbler template. If you
have never visited your site, you must!
They have everything including daily deals
that are a steal, anyway.
In the sashing I included the mini tumbler.
 (the mini tumbler template was a free daily deal)
Most of the fabric is Ty Pennington (From MSQC) and it absolutely reflects
this girls amazing style and personality.
At a recent sewing weekend with the girls my niece
 was bitten with the sewing bug.
She had dabbled in it in the past but
it seemed to take hold this time.
She requested (I am her Godmother) a sewing
basket and a thread catcher. The first picture below
is the thread catcher. I did not have a pattern
although I know there is a pattern for this particular
style (Sorry I cannot remember who it is by). However,
the bag on mine is much bigger. The shoe for the
pincushion was thrifted, and I love how it turned out.
The box is filled with a ton of notions and sewing
supplies. It was so much fun to put this together
for her.
The sewing box was a purchase from JoAnn's.

Last year I made a water bottle carrier for my mother.
 I used an awesome tutorial from
Pink Chalk Studios found Here. Sometime within the year
my sisters got it in their heads to relentlessly tease  me
about not making them one. Spurred on by the fact that
my mom lost hers and I made her another one.
"she gets two and we don't even have one..." and so forth it went.
So I made them each one. Strategically buried under another gift
to tease them back.
And finally my mother wanted a another needle case for her knitting needles. I made her this http://rickrack-and-ribbons.blogspot.com/2008/05/oh-sic.html one before but she wanted a
case for smaller needles too. You cannot really see in the picture but there are three layers
of pockets of varying sizes.
I think that is it. I am just glad I got pictures. So many things I make I forget
to photograph.
Ridiculous since I have a gazillion devices that
take pictures!!


GardenOfDaisies said…
So many wonderful projects! I love the quilt you made!
Oh, my!! I love Silly's quilt!! And I didn't see the aunts open their gifts {honestly, just feel like I missed it all!}, but I'm sure they loved them. And all those BEAUTIFUL fabrics {on all the projects!!}. Can't wait to get things crossed off my list, too!!
Beth said…
What wonderful gifts! Love to give homemade!
Amy said…
Lovely work!!! Lucky girls :)