Happy Fall

Apparently my summer was too jam packed to even think of this space. I did accomplish a few things but am pretty sure I went the whole of July and most of August without touching my machine. Then one weekend night I sat. I started piecing scraps with no real direction in mind. But as they came together I decided on a table runner. I like it very much. Most are the scraps from my low volume quilt. Many are favorite pieces that I only have small bits of them left.
We were also short on hot pads. Not sure where they disappear too, mostly likely on some Caribbean island with the socks that also seem to vanish.
Not sure if I ever posted the following, I made it for my sister as a gift.
 I love how it turned out and I think she did too.
I am in awe of the waning of summer and how rapidly it dissipates when one isn't looking. I feel myself shifting in preparation for fall. The call of soup and bread for dinner, the smells of cinnamon and apples replace the desire for strawberries and cold salads. I was sitting outside the other evening and there was this moment of complete stillness and I felt transfixed but the sound of the drying cottonwood leaves rustling in the breeze. Beautiful.


Felicia said…
Awesome. Love that sewing machine :)