Low Volume Almost Finished

I suppose having the top done is a pretty solid accomplishment. I really love how this quilt turned out. The pattern is from Sunday Morning quilts and was really fun to put together. Even more fun was finding fabrics. I am still on the look out for them. I use mostly cottons with some flannels. There is a ton of different fabrics in this quilt and it is so soft. I think most are pretty low in volume but sometimes it is hard to tell. There are a few middle volumes in there as well.
Though,  the overall effect is on target. Now, photographing this baby was another story. I wanted to use the clothes line but the snow was too high. I tried the side of the deck but the grape vines that were not tamed last fall made it all lumpy.

So I settled for a low tree branch. I want to back it in flannel but am having trouble finding what I want. Its like shopping for a winter coat and all you find are bikini's, dead of winter but warm gear is out.
 I have until the 22nd, I am planning on quilting it at retreat.
I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that!! Two solid days and one half of quilting and shenanigans with other quilters. BLISS.
In what precious spare time I have I am focused on prep for retreat, I want to have plenty to do even if I do not accomplish as much but I like to dream big!!

Love Natasha


Felicia said…
Utterly delightful! I like the pattern. Is that snow currently on your ground? I wore short sleeves out in the yard today while I gardened!
Sasha said…
I love your quilt! I think the pictures look lovely. You did a wonderful job =D
Tricia said…
Oooo, that's so beautiful!!! Makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book...!!