The enticing smell of granola scents the air as I type. My bags are packed and my map is printed.
Every day this week I woke up with one thought, get through the workday with joy and tend to my family at night. Quick. Because on Friday I am off on my journey. My journey to Iowa for .....wait for it.... RETREAT. I have felt like a child all week, giddy with anticipation.
The laughter, the buzz of so many machines, the wonderful ladies (and a few gentlemen), the food,
all at a beautiful setting on Lake Okoboji (did I mention the food?). Even saying the name makes me happy.

 Three days and two nights with nothing to do but bond with my machine.
And my fabric. I am taking a few friends with me, such as the above
stack of quilts to be quilted.
Meals are provided, snacks are everywhere and prizes all geared
for the retreater. This years theme, oh yes- there is always a theme- is
pirates...argggg maties I cannot wait.
And this amazing bundle that arrived last week. 
Its destiny to be a new quilt for my son (if you click on the link, the pic was last year and he is not broken any more, though his brother is) per his request. His 13 year old
self even picked it out. Good taste in fabric is worth passing on to ones
boys. He requested a chevron pattern. Yes!  HQT no problem.
Then there are these. I have had a love hate issue with this quilt. I became frustrated with it,
(I must be the only one who experienced this) last spring and decided the best defense
would be to give it the silent treatment. That is until last week when I felt the
would be quilt had learned its lesson and I picked it back up.
After punishing it for so long, a reprieve is in order so she is coming along too.

For good measure a little more fabric just in case. Have a fabulous weekend,
I know I will!!!!

Love Natasha


Felicia said…
Hope you have a great trip!
Sasha said…
I hope you have a wonderful time!!!