I recently discovered this wonderful blog, Silly Mama Quilts, I entered one of her scrap giveaways and won! First time visiting and a It just so happens that not only does she have a great blog but she lives near me. Below is a glimpse of my win.
I am really excited because this happened to come on a day off that I plan to spend quilting.
As it happens, I am short fabrics for my low volume quilt (weird)
and there are several pieces that I can incorporate right away!!
I love the letter piece above and wish I had more!! It reminds me
blanket I had as a child that was a whole cloth thing made to look like a quilt.
As it is my day off I decided a quick trip to the quilt shop was in order,
 I had some mitten money burning a whole in my purse.
Also, I start a new job tomorrow and decided this was the perfect treat!
I adore the vintage coffee fabric! Not sure where it will end up but isn't it cute? 
Okay this is the best! I had to buy a yard because that is about the repeat!
It cracks me up... I love the kitchy-ness about it. the articles are hilarious.
One of the articles....
Woman Uses Husband as a Pincushion! written by Jill the Ripper


Sasha said…
Congrats on your fabric bundle from Silly Mama Quilts! Brooke is so incredibly sweet =D
I love your new fabric purchases!! I would probably keep the newsprint one for a long time just so I could keep reading all of the articles =P I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the vintage kitchen print =D
Oh, my goodness!! Those fabrics are beautiful......!
GardenofDaisies said…
Congrats on the win and the new job! Lots of things going your way right now!
Felicia said…
Excellent prize. Can't wait to see what you make :)