Making Mittens

Fly Free, that is what this little stitchery did yesterday.
She is traveling some 100 or so miles south.
 I hope her recipient enjoys her.
As for the mittens I had an order for some warm mittens.
They are 99% made from recycled materials.
The 1% is the yarn in the blanket stitching.
I needle felted on the hearts on the outside and again on the thumb
and LOVE how they turned out.
All the outsides are made from wool sweaters and the insides from
cashmere or merino wool sweaters!
The tan pair was a child's sweater that was shrunk. I love the pockets!
In case you needed to see the little hearts on the thumb one more time!
So far, three pair in three evenings,
while watching the HBO special Pacific,
that my Hubs got for Christmas.


Felicia said…
Love that sweet tweetie bird and those mittens are awesome.
sewtakeahike said…
your mittens are the cutest Natasha!! and your little embroidery piece is adorable!
OOooooo...I can't wait until my craft room is cleaned up so I can hang this!!! My fav...!!!!!!!!!!