For a long time I have fully resisted the urge to take up any type of yarn work. I have felt that I had enough hobbies and unfinished works that adding to it, would be, well, adding to it. However, while working on my mittens I needed more yarn.
I was seduced by the gazillion skeins of soft, pretty, crisp ovals of yarn all wrapped up and tidy on the shelf. I had always concluded that if I were to learn a yarn sport it would be crochet, I love the little trims and motifs you can create. So during the holidays I picked up my hook, (from previous attempts at learning the craft) and gave it a go.
This pink little number with its concave sides that look like they have been chewed on, is my very first attempt.
I did a lot of chaining and taking apart over and over, until I felt comfortable. Then I learned the next step of single crochet (I think) or I sorta learned it. Then I ripped it out and did it again and again, again. It took forever, what with all the starting over.
When I finished I thought I would  move on to double crochet, but decided to make myself do these “washcloths” at least three times.
 I have trouble with the sides.
With the second one, my focus was less on the stitch-that started to become natural- and more on keeping my stitches relaxed, and finding the rhythm of the stitches. With crochet, there isn’t the gratifying clink of the needles as in knitting but there a rhythm that ensues.
My sides look better but they are still wonky.
I also decided it is good to learn a new skill, to force your brain to think in a new direction. Plus, I used finger muscles I didn't know I had.

Today I celebrate my Birthday,
oh, what am I doing you wonder?
 I have a job interview!
I am actually looking forward to it as I like to interview, so we will see. And maybe bake myself a cake.


They turned out wonderful , I love these dish cloths Heidi
GardenofDaisies said…
Look at you go! It's so hard and yet so fun to learn new things! I think you are having the same trouble that I did when I first started. I didn't know which hole to put my first stitch in and which hole to take the lasts stitch in. After looking at a LOT of you tube instructions, I finally did find one that was helpful. (I'll try to remember who it was, I'll send you the link.)
GardenofDaisies said…
This you tube video does a pretty good of explaining how to start a row and where to finish a row. Hope it helps.

Rebecca said…
Hello! I am so behind in blog reading so happy belated birthday AND good luck our your (past) job inteview. :)

Your crochet looks good! I think your issue is as stated before about where to put the first and last stitches. Count your stitches in each row so you have the same amount. When you get to the end of the row and are one short you should be able to "see" where there is a loop in the top of the first stich of the last row. I find that counting keeps my edges straight. Those You Tube videos are fabulous, too! Good luck and let's see more!