What a fine Mess

Last month or so, after two and a half years of holding, I came to the sad realization that my junior in college no longer needed her childhood room.
Its been three summers since she lived at home and seems content on her own and coming home for visits. Previously my sewing and creating space was a shared space along the back wall of a small family room. Here
I asked her many times if she would mind if I moved her bed to the family room and used her room. We had already utilized part of it for office space. She Insisted she was fine with it. So the move began. We spend most of our time on the upper level of our split home as it is, and there was something about the trek down to the family room that inhibited my drive to sew. Maybe it was the proximity away from the kitchen. (food is an important element in sewing energy)

The only dilemma is, this new to me space, is also home to my school things, books, tutoring manipulatives, the things I have collected for my one day classroom. This limits my space a bit but I am working on it. Eventually I will show pictures, alas right now it is a bit of a mess.

So this room, for the most part, revolves around one thing.....Gretchen....my sewing machine. But as I posted yesterday, she locked up in the middle of creating the blocks below. How is it that finally I have the space I have wanted for a long time, the desire to create and FINISH a bunch of projects and she up an quits. We are not on speaking terms right now.

To pacify my grief, and I really grieved, I bought some fabric. I love those cuckoos. The pretty green is for a someone really near and dear to me and I have a special something I am making out of it.  That is when Gretchen decides to man up and return to her rightful post. The numbers will be added to my stash of fabric for the quilt below.

The blocks above will be part of a low volume quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts via Crazy Mom Quilts. I cannot say enough about this book! I absolutely love it. There is not one project that I am not inspired to make. I have a lot of books and this is my favorite. My machine guy (I can call him that) said I could check on Gretchen tonight and see if she is better. Cross your fingers, I have a lot of work to do!!


GardenofDaisies said…
How nice to have more space to expand into. Your quilt blocks look great. Hope you get the machine sorted out soon. Maybe it's just time for a cleaning.
lil red hen said…
A good choice for your new sewing space. I took an unused bedroom for my quilting area; it's at the backend of the house so the clutter is out of the way when someone comes calling. Good luck with your machine.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment.
Felicia said…
Love the cuckoos too!