Last month my niece came for a visit to do some sewing, she inspired me to get busy on a few unfinished projects. This quilt has been gathering dust for a very very long time. It has waited patiently for just the binding. It is a very basic courthouse steps pattern.

I didn't really like the quilt anymore so I neglected it. I know. Sad.

This is the only quilt I have done with a poly bat and you know, I really like the lightweight feel of it.
Below is the pieced back, I think I like it more then the front. It is really a hodge-podge of leftovers from the front including strip piecings.

I now find it kinda charming. This was about the second quilt I ever made (how many quilts ago now?)

Then I finished these... my sons colored these many years ago and I finally located them, put a "fabric frame" around them and bound them up. I think they are circa '04.

That year I had all my daycare kids color these on fabric and I quilted them and gave them as parent gifts. 10 of these later I neglected my own kids' work.

Finally, there is this guy. He is from my primitive décor loving days. I still think he is great. He is done with needle turn applique, something I used to do a lot of. I love his straight arms!


Glad your back your quilt!
Hugs Heidi