Swoon Block

I feel like I accomplished something with this block.
I also may be a tad shy of being a patient quilter.
There are a lot of steps to this bugger not that that is bad it just challenges my need for speed.
 I have to agree with Ellen in that there are some
confusing elements to the pattern. I was even prepared for that and still
managed to get turned around.

Here is block number one.
Somewhere in my attempts at this block I decided
a little chocolate would do nicely (besides it matches the block)
in the form of a

a deep dish cookie. I have two different sized mini muffin tins
from my muffin craze of '93 hence the two different
depths of cookies.
I used the basic cookie recipe and then
scooped them into the muffin tins.
I like the wrapped ones and think they would make
a splendid gift for a lucky person.
Namely me. Haha

Yeah they are good enough to put on a pedestal. So that's what I did.


Ellen said…
LOVE IT! Muffins + swoon = perfect day. I finished my top yesterday, probably will avoid quilting until 2019...
kristin said…
i'm in love with this block! the colors really pop out at you! bravo. :)

and cookies in a muffin tin? never heard of such a thing...but (the ice cream nu that i am) all i could think was, i'd love that with a scoop. yum.
Ali Hughes said…
Ooh! Those cookies really look super great. :D Chocolate is the best kind of snack for quilting. hmm, maybe I should go have some now...
Your block is really cute. I am super glad bold is in because I feel like everyone has more room to express themselves. :)
Maddy said…
Swooning over your color combination. Maybe we should have a swoon quilt competition to see who can compete with Ellens best quilt color combo ever.
Antigone said…
Natasha-YOU WON! can't figure out your email...let me know where to send your prize!
Love the quilt block!!
~Carla~ said…
That square is absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE the colour combo! My kids are gonna LOVE those cookies! Thanks for sharing! :)