I think I have decided on Swoon thou I am not crazy about the name. It bugs me a bit.
Perhaps it has been a bit overused in the blog world. (in my humble opinion) But I degress....

This has been a slow subbing week.
 A short week at school will do that.
So yesterday I chipped away at the layers of mishmash that had collected
throughout our house whilst listening to Pandora.
I finally made my way to my machine and
began to chip away at my unsightly pile of UFO's when
the husband called and suggested I should get groceries,
except I heard.....
"go to the fabric store to find fabric for that quilt you have been talking about,
oh and pick up some food"

Not a problem, I decided on gray for the background, safe and comfortable.
Retrospectively I wished I'd have gone with the
 bubbly yellow and black on the top of the pile.
Ah well I have 5 yards of gray so that will have to do.
Eldest son came with me pointing out every ugly fabric ever made
and suggesting hideous things that I should make him from them.
He also wants me to make a quilt that is as soft as the shreds of one
 his gramma made when he was a baby.
If only fabric came as soft as it becomes after years and years of washing.


I have GOT to get my machine fixed. All this fabric talk has pumped me up for some serious sew sessions!
I LOVE THE WAY YOU THINK AND shop.....Happy Easter!
Maddy said…
Did anyone ever tell you how addictive swooning is??????
Ali Hughes said…
You may (or may not :P) have noticed from my blog (I guess it's been a little while since I actually worked on it...) I am a little in love with yellow/red/black/white right now. I love these!